The statement at the TV 9&10 website paints a troubling picture of a 70 55 year old man and tells a story:

A Manton man could be headed to prison for fighting with Wexford County deputies.

Deputies say they found Leonard Davis II in a vehicle Sunday on M-55 near Manton.

When they tried to arrest him, they say Davis fought back.

If he's convicted of resisting arrest and assault, he could face three years behind bars.

He will be back in court next week.

This story, its incompleteness, and its visuals should concern you.  This happened Sunday, only one on-line medium has commented on it, and that was today.  The article says deputies were trying to arrest him, they give no clue as to why they would.  A scrawny 70 55 year old man with multiple face abrasions bespeaks less ill of him, than of what may have happened to him when police decided to arrest him for some unknown reason. 

The Wexford County Deputies could release videos of the encounter, they don't.  They should have at least audio about the encounter, they don't release that.  They have zero evidence that this man fought against the deputies, if commenters on Facebook can be believed, he was a harmless fellow who may have had mental issues.  There is no excuse for such an incomplete news story when the Wexford County Sheriff should have publicly available four days later of their justification in order to show that they reacted appropriately here

As other news agencies in the area report, this article will be updated.

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Thanks Don & Con Cits, you can try to privately chat with me when you see me online, or feel free to drop me a line in the send message feature here if you don't need immediate interaction; you can include links, pictures, files, etc. 

May potentially need some help with footwork, since Wexford County is a good drive from Ludington (and I hear the WCSO are rough on old men).  Since you posted on this thread, which was my initial perceptions and research on the case, I hope you have been able to see my follow-up article which covered what I learned through a FOIA request-- with video: 

Please keep me updated on Leonard's situation in the meantime, he definitely needs to have an advocate talk with an attorney about how to proceed once he gets past the bogus criminal charges brought against him.


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