At more than eight (8) Billion humans we are at or near the population the earth can sustain, so does that mean governments will start to cull humans? If the same logic is applied to us as we apply to deer the answer is yes. We can protect ourselves by first protecting the deer. We must stand against population control by means of murder.

The insanity of deer culls in Michigan is clearly demonstrated by numerous efforts of the DNR to reduce the number of deer in the lower peninsula including numerous culls while the upper peninsula has a severe shortage of deer.

Of course, the DNR never considers relocating deer from the lower to the upper peninsulas. They want to kill Gray Wolves to solve the problem and would if the endangered species act did not protect them.

In Michigan, the federal protections for gray wolves have been restored by a federal judge. This means that gray wolves can only be killed in Michigan if they pose an immediate threat to human life. The state Department of Natural Resources enforces this regulation. If someone kills a wolf, they are required to report it to authorities and could face up to 90 days in jail or a fine of $1,000.

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China has already done human population control, and like Ludington, it involves the savage killing of innocents in their native environment.   Mark Barnett is all in for this barbarity.


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