The LDN used the word "friggin" on the front page

I find this hillarious.....Back in the day on Ludington talks if a member used the word "friggin" it was an automatic banning.


Suffice to say...I really do not believe some of the elderly receiving the paper would find that appropriate.  Would Grandma like it???  Remember that from Andy K????


Just found it funny...that is all.

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As of Wednesday, the LDN published a new article entitled," A Crabby start to 2011", making Sir Steve Benoche, a common everyday reporter, the angst of one civil minded person whom complained that the F-bomb word was inappropriate. Granted, "friggin" isn't exactly the F-bomb exactly, but it's pretty obvious, and those same words were criticized and banned people at the Ludington Talks forum the last 2 years. So, Mr. Benoche, what's your problem, or is it Andy that gets the blame this time? Either way, you can't have your cake and it eat too! Esp. not on the front page pal! Hypocrisy is still evident and predominate when convenient at the LDN, so this proves.
I saw that article and thought it was a lame apology.
I totally agree Masonco, looked more like Benoche added insult to injury, "crabby" isn't my idea of an apologetic gesture, sounds more like condescending ego weighing in to me.

Related to this story on a national level was Sarah Palin's tongue-in-cheek comments on BHO's "winning the future" speech as having several WTF moments.  I wish all politicians could be so inventive and honest, even though she's now just an ex-politician.



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