what is going on with this Measles hysteria. Dying from measles is rarer than dying from a lighting strike but I don't hear anyone proposing a lightning vaccine. The truth is that people have gotten so sensitive about anything that can make you sick they are loosing their prospective on the situation. There has been1 death from measles in the last ten years but there have been many people who have died from the vaccine. This measles vaccination is a scam. Besides any rise in the case of measles is because of all the illegals streaming across the boarder without being vetted. Years ago almost every kid got "the measles". Last winter an estimated 80,000 people in the U.S. died from the flu and it's complications, so where's the outcry for that. If parents want to vaccinate their children then that's up to them so leave that decision to them.

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Back in the 50's, I myself lost my hearing due to measles.  My brother's eye were damaged.  I knew several who died from the high fever and one who seemed better after measles then died a week after.  Something with brain damage.  we had a large family and those were cousins by the way.  The high fever also caused me some brain damage in that I remember very little of my childhood and nothing from before the time I had measles.  Today I have issues with vertigo a side effect of the inner ear damage from the simple measles.  I have some eye issues in addition to the 65% hearing loss.  Oh did I mention I developed a heart murmurer after that simple case of measles? I look back at my mom's journal and it sounds like for a time they did not expect me to survive.  So while I agree the 3 in 1 vac may be a bit much at one time. I for one would have preferred the vac as opposed to a lifetime of health issues from contracting measles. 

Usually death is not directly from measles but from complications such as heart or brain damage (and/or swelling of brain), so that is what was put on death certificate.  

I won't say vaccination is necessary, but anti vaxers need to know that these consequences can happen to their child. With the rampant entry of non vetted immigrants sneaking into the country and moving to communities all over the country, they are bringing in those diseases generations have grown up with no exposure to.  

 Being a recipient of the measles when I was a kid I did have a side affect from it. It affected my eyes. I remember wearing coke bottle glasses that were 1/2" thick. I didn't get out of bed without putting on the glasses. In medical terms I was told I was legally blind. Amongst other side affects this disease causes , I don't know why in this day and  age that any parent would want to have their child to risk getting measles. Back in the day I am sure it was a  expense also for my parents as I had to go to a eye specialist , travel to Muskegon , which was a long way back in the 50"s as there wasn't  eye doctors around as there is now.  This was/is my results and there is no doubt I wasn't the only one affected .  After reading the above post I wonder if measles also caused my hearing loss in later years.  There will always be naysayers on every topic but everyone should do the responsible thing and in my opinion , get vaccinated.

When I was younger everyone had the measles and nobody I knew died or had long lasting effects. I talked to some older relatives and they said the same thing. I'm not saying and neither is the video that there may be some people who have or will have side effects from the measles but in recent record keeping when more people die who have been vaccinated then those that contracted measles I would say that is a convincing statistic. It's possible folks in the past who had side effects had a reaction to the measles virus so it's possible that those same people could have had a fatal reaction if they had been vaccinated.
One of the main problems with all this upheaval regarding measles is that now some state governments are forcing people to have children vaccinated, even those with religious reasons for not using the vaccines. If the statistics showed a correlation between contracting measles and fatalities or many serious side effects I could understand, but forcing the issue with current data is not good governance or medicine. Let parents decide not the government.


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