X, as long as I’ve been here and watched you call Shay a “perjurer” without a flinch, I’ve never delved into you being one too. (That was your business) You committed perjury when you listed your voting address at your parent’s house, while actually living on Dowland. Those papers are signed under penalty of perjury. You stated on here that you never physically lived there, but to register to vote in that precinct YOU MUST RESIDE THERE stated Under penalty of perjury. The city must not have caught it and I didn’t say anything because it was YOUR business. Statute of limitations should have passed by now. If I was part of the City or County as I have been accused of by Aqueerman, I surely would have contacted Spanolia to review this long ago.
Did you ever vote in the wrong precinct? That’s a crime too.




Reply by XLFD 2 hours ago

Still you claimed "You committed perjury when you listed your voting address at your parent’s house, while actually living on Dowland. Those papers are signed under penalty of perjury." 

I considered my only 'static' residence to be at my parent's address, I would go there daily.  The Dowland address was my work address where I managed the six apartments and yet spent the majority of my time.  There was no willful deceit on my part, and no reason why I would even care at that time about which ward I was part of.  I considered that my only truly fixed address.

Reply by XLFD 3 hours ago

There is no flinch in calling John Shay a perjuror, because he is.  He swore in a court affidavit under penalty of perjury that the eleven records he gave to me in response to my FOIA lawsuit were the records I had sought in my FOIA lawsuit, knowing full well that many of them were not compliant (the extraneous records were to assist his legal defense), and full well that many that were compliant were left out-- almost twenty records with his signature on them and well known to him according to DDA records showing him at the meetings these things were decided. 

As for what you wish to claim is my perjury, I will tell you what I've said before, I registered in 1998 to vote; at that time, and even now for most intents and purposes, my mailing address and the address on my driver's license was my parent's address in the sixth ward.  Michigan law states that the same address must be used for voter registration and driver's license purpose. 

So even if I wanted to register at the Dowland residence, which was used for apartments then, and more importantly where I had no actual 'apartment' at the time I initially registered, and several times thereafter, I would have had a conundrum, and would have been lying if I had said I was living at Dowland, even though I mostly slept there each night. 


Permalink Reply by XLFD on February 29, 2012 at 1:28pm

Larry, please show me any document that I have posted that said I live in the Sixth Ward.  For someone who said in another thread that: 

"If my child were a minor and did something in school that is determined to be legal then you have no right to dig your little claws into our lives"
"if it were one of my children, I would be very concerned if XLFD or his assistant were using FOIA's to dig into my family's personal concerns."
"If that were my child I might become personally concerned about you and your assistant trying to dig into my child's behavior."
"I would become personally concerned about you or your assistant trying to dig into one of my child's behavior. I think you would too if it were your child."
"I would be very concerned as a parent of that student if XLFD or his assistant were trying to dig too deep in my child's behavior or our family's private affairs"


And asked inquisitively in that same thread about whether I had been a teacher or was still teaching, you are beginning to seriously creep me out, and not just with your inconsistency. 


Reply by XLFD on March 3, 2012 at 10:52pm

That address is not my residence; more of a past (and sometimes present) mailing address that the county must have had on file.  I had sent PA Spaniola an E-mail, and the PA doesn't like that form of communication, and sent me a letter to where I used to be registered.  I had to re-register at the place I have physically lived at this whole millenium, 137 E Dowland Street, to be a candidate in the Third Ward. 

Kudos to you, Dale, for finding the document Larry spoke of in the archives.  It does make him a little less creepy.  But also just remember that a mailing address can differ from a street address.  I had my mail delivered to and originally registered at the Pine address, when there had been some problems with lost and misdirected mail at Dowland.



Permalink Reply by XLFD on March 3, 2012 at 11:47pm

RobbyK, Dale, and your brother Larry,

I appreciate your due diligence in coming on here and being concerned about my registration, but not about the disenfranchisement performed by the City leaders.  Great priorities you have. 

The fact is that I have lived physically at my current Dowland address since 1994, initially registered at my mailing address in Ludington town in 1998 and changed that at the beginning of 2011 to make sure I qualified for the office of Third Ward Councilor.  The City of Ludington and most members of the LFD can vouch for me that the Dowland Street address has been my physical and primary mailing address since 2001. 

I must submit that three members of the City Council, the City Manager, City Clerk, and Mayor all interviewed me for the Third Ward Councilor seat in April 2011.  Councilor Castonia was the first, and none too politely, to point out my registration address was in error, a fact I corrected after the meeting, but amazingly I still didn't get the job, LOL.

Permalink Reply by XLFD on March 4, 2012 at 10:46pm


How many times do I have to tell you.  That was not and never has been my residence, it has been a mailing address.  The letter of trespass and the WSP never says I have the right to petition John Shay for entrance.  I have done it in the past, but it has been ignored the last three or four times.  I take that as him denying that right. 

And why would anyone need permission to get John Shay's permission to enter the City Hall to vote?  Bring up a valid point, please.


SO which one is it? “I considered my only 'static' residence to be at my parent's address”                        OR

“The fact is that I have lived physically at my current Dowland address since 1994" ???? 

I can provide the rest of the permalinks if you like. Interesting how you can file legal papers all the way up to the Michigan Court of Appeals but are incapable of filling out the Michigan Voters Registration Card properly.

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Melinda, aka Ron, or whomever else you pretend to be, or really are: with the extensive unanswered evidence X has presented on the City's leadership, over a five year period, like the city manager, past Mayor Henderson, city attorney, and several council members, it's a wonder that anyone would want to take the time and effort to vote to begin with. If not for the extreme coverups and lies by all to cover one another, and the grace of God, all these people would be in their rightful place, PRISON! Maybe since you are such a nitpicker about citizens, you also fit that same mold, to be put in PRISON! Cant fix stupid, only put up with it's voices, weak, inconsistent, convoluted, and silly at best is all you are. Get a life, and try not to be banned again, like so many times in the past. LOL. The ONLY ones out here still insisting XLFD is not telling the truth, are the cohorts and minions of injustice, and the co-conspirators that want it to continue to be secretive, and unlawful.

Not a very good investigator are you Melinda? If that was indeed my sole property which you claim unpaid taxes, which it is NOT, it would have been foreclosed by now, some 5 years old. Maybe his taxes were paid elsewhere? Did you bother to look at the MC Courthouse? Now, let's look at your taxes, are they paid? Do you pay any at all? Why are you after this so-called Thompson guy? Did he do something bad to you? Let's go into your past, if you have one. Do you? Or are you a simpleton's civil servant's kiddie, still going to grade school?

No use talking to a dummy that can't explain yourself to this forum. All you do is point false fingers at someone you don't know, make up names, make up facts that are lies, and then insult people without explaining why and who you are. My guess is you are just that, an immature kid that is trying to protect your daddy or mommy from evidence X uncovered about them. Now, when someone else tries to make a post, you will attack them too, instead of staying with the content of the thread here. Another sure sign of immaturity and juvenile thought process.

You just explained yourself to a tee!

Now I'll get banned for putting the truth out there with proof! Right X? I guess when you put a pervert and a murderer in the same room, you disregard which ever one you think is less a criminal.

Melinda, are you accusing or inferring that me, or anyone else on this forum, is a pervert and murderer? If so, you broke the TOS right here, quite literally, and with malice. If you intend to go on posting, I suggest you do so in a prudent and cautious manner, very cautiously, and retract anything you could, and would be sued for as malicious libel and slander! Taking screen shot now, for proofs when needed later. You CAN'T do this on ANY FORUM, ANYWHERE ON THIS PLANET, without repercussions. And perhaps, serious retaliations if the person attacked is so inclined. You are below scum, way below, imho. Why anyone has that much hatred and vicious mental disorders, is only known to you. Feel sorry for anyone that lives with absolutely no soul nor heart in their body. Your mind is fried to the maximum. Get off the illegal or legal drug overdosing.

No, its stating that you can actually have two people who committed a crime at the same time people can discuss BOTH at the same time. I WOULD LOVE TO GO TO COURT AGAINST YOU! LOL. Look up defamation Bubba. You need to PROVE what was said against you isn't true. I feel the same for you, scum of the earth, yup! FURTHERMORE, that post wasnt directed towards ANYONE. You feeling guilty or something?

You obviously have your own issues, Melinda.  Maybe you can further explain why John Shay's perjury over substantive issues in a sworn affidavit served to the local court means little to you. 

As usual, you will get banned for not abiding by the clearly established and minimalistic rules in the terms of service, because you have failed in doing this in the past; be sure to get more permalinks to establish your next cause celebre over this infidel.

What? There's not enough space to discuss BOTH of your indiscretions on the Torch? Or doesn't it matter what you or your friends do? Kinda puts you ABOVE it all. Seem familiar?

Aquaman paid his taxes, I filled out the motor voter forms using my only established address.  Yet I listed ten things at tonight's meeting that John Shay did of substance that violated the public trust.  As noted, I could have easily listed more.  Enjoy your day, Mel, I will leave you to your strict proofs.

Melinda, Your replies that referred to another Torch member by what you presume to be their name have been deleted, as have references in the thread head to my name.  These are the NING rules here, if you can't follow them, you'll be out shortly enough.

For someone who wants to believe I broke the rules when I registered to vote when I didn't, and that Aquaman has dodged his taxes without repercussion from the City of Ludington, when he hasn't, you sure don't want to ever abide by them yourself whenever you come on here.

You wanted proof who he was, I only complied with your reasoning. You cant delete anything from the copies that went to the paper and Councilors.Any of them smile at you tonight? Same as proof of your lies.


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