Tucker Carlson: The American Government Is At War With Its Own People

On this Friday show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson argued that the rhetoric spouted by the likes of former CIA Director John Brennan, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and others characterizing Republicans as “domestic extremists” is setting up a dangerous situation in the U.S.

“Within hours [of Joe Biden taking office], Democrats begin crushing even the mildest dissent. They shut down an entire social media company called Parler not because they did anything wrong, but similar because they couldn’t control it,” Carlson said.

“They couldn’t take the chance that somebody on Parler might criticize them so they eliminated it. They arrested a man, threw him in handcuffs because he made fun of Hillary Clinton on Twitter. That man is facing ten years in prison,” he said, referencing the case of a social media influencer in Florida arrested by the FBI earlier this week.

“Democrats then declared war on their rival political party, not a metaphorical war, but an actual one — with soldiers and paramilitary law enforcement in the world’s most dominant powerful intelligence agency.”

“They denounced Republicans … as dangerous terrorists, likened them to ISIS and Al Qaeda,” Carlson continued. “And, anyone who complained about this or fought back in any way was threatened with expulsion from Congress,” Carlson said.

“Nothing like that has ever taken place in this country before. This is the most sweeping an audacious assault on civil liberties in American history…The Democratic Party doesn’t exist to serve abstract principles of liberty or justice or the Bill of Rights.”

Carlson noted that the left’s irrational fear of Republicans seems to have only escalated since Donald Trump left the White House.

“Here’s the really interesting thing,” Carlson said. “They seem much more afraid now that Donald Trump has left office. With Donald Trump gone, they sense that a period of actual populism has begun, real populism, and they may be right.”

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I agree with all of what Tucker says except the part where he says leftists are scared. The left is not scared, they are following the guidelines set up by Marxists and Communists to destabilize governments.

The Four Steps to Communism Taking Over a Country

1) Demoralization, (15-20 years time frame) The goal and purpose is to make a country immoral so they cannot recognize or believe in truth when it is presented to them

2) Destabilization, (2-5 years time frame) To create conditions where the tipping points for degrading society occur

3) Crisis, Take advantage of destabilization situations to seize power (“never let a crisis go to waste”)

4) Normalization, Success is achieved with the taking control of the governing power/authority and ushering in a reset of the structure of governance.

"We are witnessing the final stages of this plan and agenda to reset government and not just in this nation but, world wide… the ushering in of global governance is facilitated in and by these elements.

A destabilized society will seek security and relinquish rights, freedoms and sovereignty in order to get it. Without a moral underpinning the people will accept false and deceptive arguments to move from a position of control to that of oppression in seeking security. When a new power steps in and brings security with brutal force it will initially be seen as strength until that same force is applied to bring totalitarian compliance on the masses."

Nancy Pelosi calls GOP members the enemy within

I agree that the Left is not scared.

They think they have all of the power now. In many ways that might appear to be true.  I also believe they know that we all know they cheated, lied and stole the election. This would explain why they are so miserable and desperate even though they have managed to "win"  on so many levels. But, for the left, there is never enough power or money to make them happy. Their hatred and thirst for their "enemy" will never be satiated.They no longer have Trump as their punching bag, so now they are going after us; The people that believe in the Constitution and the power of "We The People"

 They also have no plan other than power and control over all of us. They are WORRIED because they are being found out. They are scrambling because they are cowards. We the people need to stand firm and continue to expose their deceit and immoral and illegal behavior. Boycott by holding back your money and support for any business or entity that supports the government's attempted takeover of everyday life and citizen's liberty. 

Ants are able to build great big hills as a group , grain by grain. It will be the only defense we have. Unity against Tyranny. We have to have courage to stand up every day, even if it is just calling out people for their support of Draconian measures to destroy the American way of life.

Ironically, Joe Biden preaches a different type of unity, a unity of freedom-suppressing policy and action.  I will never give into the fallacious idea that collective groupthink espoused by the left right now is any better than the failed socialist ideologies it mirrors from the past and present.  We must not only remain active in standing up to the rising tide but instilling the belief in others that individualism is much better for the progress of humanity than globalism.

Good points Lake Lady and X. What is going on now is the complete takeover of the Federal Government by the Left who control the media, academia and education, entertainment, Government, social media, high tech, communications, research, medicine, science and most everything our country is about. On top of that Left has corrupted our election system. So what is to be done?

Communism is here and it has engulfed America and is succeeding to eliminate the freedom and rights forged into  the Constitution. Just consider all of the rights we have relinquished during the Covid hoax.

Many people have died and suffered trying to maintain and preserve those freedoms and rights. I can see only one option that will give immediate results in bringing the left and communists to their knees. We should buy only products made in the U.S. No purchase of Chinese goods since China is in bed with the American left. The money they are making from us is being used against us.30 days of buying products made in America would be a good start at a financial revolution. Since the deep state is so deeply involved with China it only makes sense to hit them where it hurts. In their wallets. If we cannot find what we need that is made in the US then we must go without util the Communists are driven out.  I can't think of any other solution. The Communists, Marxists and Leftists are like a strangler fig tree, It grows around another tree and uses it for support until the host tree dies.

If you decide to boycott foreign made products, be sure to read the small print on the package. Many products print "Made in the USA" but when looking closely it may say  Made in USA with global products or materials or it may say assembled in the USA.


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