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Ancient Seven-Ski Inn Owner Took Down by Trespassing Troopers

An upstanding, venerable business owner wonders what Michigan State Police (MSP) were doing on a couple of lots he owned.  The 83 year old…

Started by XLFD in Dueling Torches

11 on Saturday
Reply by XLFD

March Madness: Beat the Oddsmakers

Great news for area basketball fans, the Ludington Orioles beat Clare 62-45  tonight to advance to the Class B Region 16 Championship.  Aft…

Started by XLFD in Torch Light

11 Mar 21
Reply by Willy

Dueling Fundraisers.

Looks like it is time to revamp the James Street Plaza via the fundraiser route.

Started by shinblind in Torch Light

14 Mar 20
Reply by AQUAMAN

When Journalism and Local Government Propaganda Collide

This is the unfortunately ongoing essay about how one cannot simultaneously serve as a chairman of a major public commission and as a news…

Started by XLFD in Waving the Torch Around Our Area

2 Mar 19
Reply by XLFD

Transparent Words, Unclear Actions

Michigan Congress Talks Transparency, Unanimously Works to Block Bid Records As Sunshine Week is about to set for another year and the loc…

Started by XLFD in Pitchforks and Torches

2 Mar 19
Reply by XLFD

Police Say Yield, I Say Stop

What do you do at an intersection with a stoplight where the power has been knocked out like it has due to bad windstorms in our area rece…

Started by XLFD in Dueling Torches

4 Mar 17
Reply by IHaveANotion

A Day Without a Woman, a Story With a Nazi

Remember the Women's March on Washington about seven weeks ago on the weekend of Trump's inauguration-- if not refresh yourself with our ar…

Started by XLFD in Dueling Torches

7 Mar 15
Reply by XLFD

Lots a' Planning in a Riggsed System

A new Planning Commissioner appears to have been engaged in inappropriate actions before he had even served two months in office.  An error…

Started by XLFD in Waving the Torch Around Our Area

6 Mar 13
Reply by XLFD

Grand Daddy Foia treasure!

MLive files FOIA lawsuit against city of Grand Rapids Initial phone call in controversial Grand Rapids crash investigation involving fo…

Started by John notdead Streeter in Torch Light

8 Mar 12
Reply by John notdead Streeter

Old Manton Man Mauled by Wexford Deputies

The statement at the TV 9&10 website paints a troubling picture of a 70 year old man and tells a story: A Manton man could be headed…

Started by XLFD in Torch Light

9 Mar 12
Reply by IHaveANotion


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