I patiently awaited a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) response from the local district health department (DHD#10) I made and referenced in an article noting that they were closed eleven straight days in the midst of the worst period of the Covid-19 pandemic in our area.  Their fuzzy math said they had until January 21 to respond to my request for records, the statute said I was due a response by later than January 15th.  I received a response on the 21st, with absolutely zero records, it noted in relevant part:   

"Your request for District Health Department #10 records related to COVID-19 deaths in Mason County was logged as received on December 22, 2020. We determined the records you requested are not owned nor possessed by this agency and are not an agency public record (MCL 15.233 (4) and (5))."

In the formal denial, it said effectively the same thing, morphing my specific requests into "All records referencing 15 COVID-19 deaths in Mason County as of 12/20/20."  The record shows that their declaration that no such records exist has no merit.  

TV station WPBN had a May 5th news report featuring DHD#10's Medical Director Jennifer Morse (pictured above) telling the reporter:

“Hospitals report confirmed deaths of covid within two hours, we put those into the Michigan disease surveillance system as soon as we get them.  That is where the state gets their numbers that they put on the website."
These hospital reports, even if sent to DHD#10 electronically, are writings according to MCL 15.232(l).  They are also 'public records' according to MCL 15.232(i), that means they must be produced for a FOIA request unless some exemption is invoked.  Morse indicates through the language she uses that these hospital reports are not transmitted by 'word of mouth', like on the telephone.  Nor would it be a very secure, efficient, or accountable process if there was no written record of any type created in these reports from hospitals. 
Likewise, DHD#10's own press releases indicate that their FOIA Coordinator's claim of there being no responsive records to my request is bogus.   Like every other county in DHD#10's region, they reported on the first and second Covid-19 deaths by issuing a press release. 

DHD#10 received notification that a Mason County resident, a male in his 60’s who tested positive for COVID-19, died on October 9.

"DHD#10 received notification that a Mason County resident, a male in his 70’s who tested positive for COVID-19, died on October 27."

When a Covid death occurs, it is only about 20% likely that DHD#10 will be open, so if hospitals report covid deaths within two hours, they cannot call or drop in at DHD#10 and relate all of the particulars by voice, they must create a 'written' record and transmit that in some way electronically, even if it is by voice mail, text, messenger, etc.  

Thus, these hospital reports and notifications are writings and available to the public either in whole or in part, depending on the information in those reports and notifications.  They refer to the fifteen deaths that had happened in Mason County and are responsive to my request, even those two press releases above could be said to be responsive to my request.  

Upon receiving this denial, I sent a FOIA appeal to the head of DHD#10, Kevin Hughes (pictured above), explaining how the denial was contradictory to the statements said by Ms. Morse and the press releases when the FOIA is applied.  I further explained that if these hospital reports/notifications were destroyed, that I would need to see DHD#10's policies for the destruction of public records like these so as to gauge whether something inappropriate was happening.  

It's frightening to think that the local public health agency responsible for keeping track of local Covid statistics and the overall public health does not have any written records referencing anything about the 15 deaths that happened in Mason County up to December 20th, 2020.  It's more than frightening, it's disgraceful.  Let's hope that Kevin Hughes understands that he runs a public agency that has a responsibility for maintaining the public records his agency uses.  All of the statistics and policies derived from these missing reports and notifications must be looked at with suspicion.

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I have a feeling this type of record keeping is happening all over the States that are under the control of the left. We all know that whomever does the clerical work for these agencies are probably working from their homes so the next excuse you will probably hear is, "the dog ate my reports". This is why the left is able to keep the public under their control. They are fudging the information and giving out phony statistics  in order to worry the public and to keep us all in lock step. You can't dispute what they say when there is no information regarding the facts about Covid to analyze. For all we know the Covid 19 scare has been over for months or may never even had existed. 

Wouldn't it be possible to get the information from the State since the local health dept. reports go to the States head office? I bet Whitmer has all the information stored in U-haul boxes in her garage and is waiting for marching orders from Fauci. I can just hear the leftists say, after we find out this was a big hoax, "never mind".

Wait? What? They report that the death is a Covid death within two hours? Is that really enough time to determine if Covid is indeed the cause of death? What is the rush folks? One does wonder.

Add that to the secrecy and the lack of transparency and it all smells rotten. The people on this site who actually are deep thinkers,  understand what this is all about. Using a new flu strain to manipulate the public so they can use it for political gain at all levels.

And while I am talking about political gain... Did you all see the news today out of Ludington? The city is asking for a half a million dollar grant to clean up a site owned by the vice mayor's daughter so she can develop it for profit on James Street! 

Now if that is not corruption of the highest level , I do not know what is. Why should the taxpayers have to pay for the clean up on her property? Does one really think that a property owner who does not have strings to the CC would get this same gift. BTW, it appears that Mitch is on board with it all... 

Oh and the Princess wants to now run his private business off the public pier! 

Nice guy, but that should be a big fat no! We cannot have private businesses being run off the pier of a public park! 

But, like I mentioned earlier... get ready for the cruise ships to come in. The Princess is just a test run. 

What a shame that the CC et all are selling out Ludington.

On a positive note. I give Kudos to the school board who finally came to their senses and realized that the school properties are super valuable and can easily be sold for 50 to 80 thousand a lot. It is an opportunity for once for the city to make some real money and not sell out to their buddies. Now that is where the 500, 000 brownfield grant should go. It would come back to the taxpayers when they sell those lots to the highest bidders . It would also give the city a chance to save the neighborhood of very nice single family homes. Everyone benefits from more of those as opposed to stacked up low income units. Hooray for the school board! Let us see if the city goes along... 

Good points LL, although Covid is classified as a strain of the common cold.

Have we been fooled again? Can we classify the great Covid19 pandemic as another disaster like Climate change? I've been on the internet trying to gather data and have found much of the current information about Covid19 is not to be found. Most of the current information has been deleted by the censors on twitter, Youtube and other leftist controlled platforms. I did manage to fine some information that clarifies, at least to me, that the Covide19 pandemic has been and still is a hoax.
The following video is from the Fox network and is an interview with a prominent physician Dr. Jensen although the interview took place 9 months ago it shows how the medical authorities have been fudging the Covid death numbers.

We all know the deep state medical society has been padding the covid numbers. The charts below are from the CDC. Note the numbers for Covid compared to Pneumonia and the fact that the Flu has almost been almost miraculously eradicated. Adjust the padded Covid numbers and add the missing flu numbers, up to 40,000 to 60,000 deaths per year to pneumonia numbers and I would say we should be much more concerned about the latter than the former because the flu and pneumonia are a yearly occurrence. These numbers are from the last 3 months.

U.S. stats

Michigan stats

It must be noted that the totals for above charts are for the last 12 months. After looking again at the statistics it would appear that Covid 19 is a cure for the flu. Amazing!  The CDC estimated that 80,000 people in the US died from the flu  during the winter of 2017-18. Who needs flu shots as long as Covid is out there? 

A health department under the direction of a state health director, Robert Gordon (who just resigned, probably after a hissy fit caused by the governor allowing restaurants to open up again when he wanted to keep stepping on the neck of restaurateurs) refuses to share any portion of their coronavirus death reports/records when they're killing us slowly with their insane policies that even the WHO refutes.  I don't trust any government group that thinks they are above the law and one that has failed to show method behind their madness for nearly a year.

Your charts show an amazing thing, Willy, but here is a chart of the USA death rates from a very neutral and respected data organization named Knoema who fully source their information.  Take a look at what happened in 2020

Death rates went up in 2020, but look at the calculus of things:  the rate of upward change in regards to the prior year's death rate is the lowest since 2014.  The death rate went up all through the Obama years at an ever-increasing rate after reaching an all time low during Bush 43.  Not a very good testimonial for Obamacare, but if one had the duty to forecast the death rate of 2020 before this last year based on this data, one might have been inclined to choose a higher rate of change and more deaths even without a novel virus.  

I wish the deaths were also by age. Good find.

I found another picture of the outgoing Health Director - Tyrant.  He's a little more political in this one.

Lake Lady,

I really appreciate your outtake and opinion of the two issues you mention that are coming up at the city council meeting on Monday. 

Former Councilor Joe Lenius' decided that it wasn't important enough for him to mention that his daughter is leading this project with her LLC in the council and Finance Committee meetings that this first came up, ergo there has been nothing in the minutes noting that connection other than my comments at the end of an October meeting noting this impropriety.  I can never figure out why so many Ludington officials decline to make their own conflicts of interest known before these things go public, but I do appreciate the material to write about on the Ludington Torch.  It always helps me realize how corrupt the rest of the city government is when they rush to the defense of such improprieties.  It would be nice to see this downtown corner redeveloped, but it's a project initiated with deceit.

The other item is coming in front of the council for consideration, Mitch has given no recommendation either way.  In his letter to the COL, the Princess proprietor Al Laaksonen, mentions some development taking place at their old dock, doesn't indicate whether he has looked at other docking options available, and leaves out any mention of financial remuneration for the privilege of conducting his private business on a public facility.  I think this is far from a done deal, particularly if the cruise ship idea is still floating along.

As for the conflict of interest issues, the majority of political ppl. in our current COL government simply don't understand the definition of that issue at all, or don't want to understand it, or admit it when it's as plain as day. And, as for the Princess tour boat, that individual owner has burned his bridges on dockage for many decades around Ludington, and simply doesn't care either way. A rather tiny small man, with huge ego problems, and a loud voice yelling at others to get his way just doesn't impress nor make for positiveness in any shape, way, or form. He won't last long there either imho, just like everywhere else.

Read the Ludington Daily today. There are direct comments and quotes from the City Manager.

It appears that Mitch is responding directly to the opinions on this site. 

He also does appear to be quite on board with both issues...

Here are some photos for those not familiar with the Princess of Ludington, which was formerly named the Island Princess.

It should be noted that your pics. Willy, no offense intended, must have been when the Princess first moved there. The owner of that property made vast improvements during the summer last year. Fact is, both the dockage area and the parking lot were just perfect for the tour boat to dock, passengers park, and customers board in much better safety. I complimented him on his great work later. Bet the Princess owner did not, in fact, he gave that property owner lots of insults and grief, as per his usual demeanor. "Three strikes and you're out" is what I was told. I didn't ask for exact details, but it's easy to guess from what I saw being next door as a witness.

Yes, I took those pictures last summer during the 4th of July week. I don't know the owner of the boat or who owns the dock. I also have no idea of the situation between the 2 people. I only posted the pictures so folks would understand that the Princess was a boat and not a member of a royal family.


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