• Book Club

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    Discussion of books and other literature.

  • City Hall is 2 Damn Corrupt Movement

    6 members

    A grass-roots movement dedicated to restoring faith in our local governments Also, an Exploratory Committee for a certain pumpkin to run for City Council.


    23 members

    Bicyclists United with Motorcyclists and Pedestrians for Safety. A local group advocating safety for all the vulnerable users of the roads and highways through changes in laws, infrastructures, and minds.

  • Let's ROLL

    9 members

    Let's Rescue our Ludington Lifeguards-- the lifeguard program that Ludington has had before it was scrapped this year costs less than $20,000 to maintain; being that our Mayor used this to get his job, and they saved at least 3 people last year, why?

  • Total Randomness

    11 members

    This is simply a place you can post anything you want (well, within reason and Ning TOS anyway).. post pics, videos, jokes or whatever else you think might be of interest!

  • Keepers of the Torch

    5 members

    The executive suite. A place for Guest Administrators to train, and train others in the craft, and manage the site.

  • The Trail of Baby Kate

    29 members

    A group whose main purpose is to publicly coordinate facts and investigatory records about Baby Kate (Kathryn Phillips), an infant missing since June 29, 2011, and analyze that information so that the public can help in this investigation.  The Trail of Baby Kate will also be pushing for all invest…


    8 members



    12 members

    A place to talk about the non-thread issues on the main forum. Argue, debate, call names, and all that stuff here, we don't care. Just take it over here for the time being, so the main threads' contents don't get watered down. It all happens here at the BABYLON, (Babble On)...lol.


    2 members

    Anything to do with your DOGS, now or past. We know that canines are our best friends, and I want to see ALL the dog lovers here join and participate in this leisurely thread to enjoy what we all love, our pets, in the tradition of DOGS. I would also appreciate and love to see your DOG's pictures, …

  • Sports Central!

    10 members

    Love sports? Talk about it here! Talk smack on your favorite team or take digs at your favorite nemisis. Talk about local, regional, state or national sports!

  • Talks: Dirty to Me

    6 members

    A disgruntled bunch of folks upset with having their content or online persona destroyed arbitrarily by Shoreline Media in their management of Ludington Talks.

  • Live Stream Crew

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    Live Stream Crew is for Secret Volunteers willing to capture public corruption in Real Time Posts. Live Stream enables users to post live without the possibilities of the images being confiscated illegally, or illegally deleted.

  • The Comic Shop

    9 members

    At one point in everyone's life, we've all read comic books/magazines or read the comics in the newspaper... here is a place to talk about our favorite comics and characters

  • Movie Land

    10 members

    A place to discuss your favorite movies... or the movies you hate. Seen a movie recently? Leave a review and let us know what you thought of it. Have fun!!

  • Soup Rehab

    8 members

    A private group reserved for former Lakeshore Soup members to discuss the trauma and harassment of their past association and experiences therein.


    4 members

    Legion Against Wind Farms Upon Lake Michigan, Our Backyard: A group concerned about the proposed wind farm out in the lake due to its appearance, noise, effect on property values, navigation, cost, environment, birds, safety, and/or etc.