I'm looking for some qualified men and women to help me run the Ludington Torch and keep it true to its vision and ideals (see our mission statement thread).  Anybody who is interested should send me a message listing their qualifications and personal reasons for wanting to be one.  I am looking for people that can travel the seven Cs:


1) Creative:  Uses good convincing prose of their own creation, or is artistic in other ways.

2) Cogent:  Is to the point, or on point most of the time.

3) Collective:  Is prolific and/or stops in at the Torch regularly.

4) Compatible:  Agrees with the goals, visions, rules, of the Torch

5) Congenial:  Remains cordial to others even during disagreements.

6) Consistent:  Does not contradict themselves over time, without good reason.

7) Capable:  Is able to discharge the duties of the post evenhandedly.


Furthermore, I will be impressed with those who are Content-oriented and Conscientious.  I will review those who send me a message, and then make a decision so that we can have a new Administrator in March fully trained with (almost) full reign.


It will be most similar to when Johnny Carson ran the Tonight Show, and had Jay Leno, David Letterman, Joan Rivers, etc. step in while he was on vacation.  The guest hosts were able to spotlight their talent, learn the skills, and develop their own identity, while keeping the traditions of the Tonight Show and Johnny. 


I will still have some oversight, but will try to be as hands off as I can be.  Remember, send me a message if you are interested.  Or leave some comments here, if you have any questions about it, or any tweaking you may suggest.

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I also envision having revolving leadership roles, where one person has control for a brief span (a month or two) and then another takes over. I would like leadership centralized on one person at a time, do reduce the in-fighting squabble factor.
I'd Apply but having me be an admin here would be like asking Rush Limbaugh to admin for the Tea party movement... He maybe a little too party line in demeanor lolol
Please don't let this site become the antithesis of The Soup. I can't stand partisan politics. I don't see myself as either a liberal or a conservative. The Torch is a good fit for me.
Well, as X stated, it would be a revolving role anyhow, temporary. I've got some important pokers in the fire right now to attend to, but I'd be willing to be on call here and there when convenient. I do think Guido and Mary have temperance and talent to start perhaps, look how humble they post mostly as an attribute for objectivity. JMO
Thanks for your vote of confidence, Aqua, but I really could not devote the time that being an administrator would entail, and I'm not a Ludington resident. If I were retired, I might consider it.

BTW, a note for X: What kind of technical skills does this require?
If you've managed to find your way to the Torch, you're more than halfway there on the technical skills. I will create a tutorial for fledgling dictators to use, but Ning has a very easy to understand system of managing the Ning network.

I can actually delegate some of the roles of the administrator out to others. If either of our resident mega-artists, Chris or RJE, wants to try their hand on re-designing my baby, I can assign them that role, if they so desire to.

I will probably see some of those who do manage go onto better things, like creating and managing their own sites. This is a good thing, as those that get the nod will likely pattern their new sites on what has done best for the Torch. More free speech and positive community activism is a good thing.
I do like the idea of a rotational duty for this job as it serves several purposes. The largest being those doing the duty seeing how others handle similar issues arriving on the board. Thus learning how to be an effective admin. My only experience in the area is as an owner admin on several paltalk chat rooms relating to the subject of music. But as here one of the golden rules was allowing diverse opinions without name calling or belittling although if you visit that site you can see at times some rooms do not follow their own charters very well at times.
I am very ok with agreeing to disagree with posters but have a tendency to jump hard on untruths being presented as facts rather than opinions.
Just wanted to post some numbers regarding this last week, which you may find significant or not. Our site is a vibrant, active site showcasing some of the best e-talent in the area, including New Mexico and Toledo. Between Jan 31 and yesterday, we discussed many topics and were pretty active here and elsewhere. The numbers for that time period, which again have little significance but seem to say our experiment is working is the following:

Ludington Talks:
280 forum postings [150(!) of those by Torch holders]
9 new threads [4 started by Torchholders]
20 new photos [11 contributed by Torch holders]
1911 Members total

Lakeshore Soup:
116 forum postings [? of those by Torch holders]
12 new threads
66 members total

The Ludington Torch:
307 Forum postings [134 in one group alone]
14 new threads
16 new photos
29 members total [including some silent Soupers]

With the arrival of two high profile members, the Zannie factor plus the dismissal of two of our members at LT, and the debate over Edie, we were more active than usual, but still, digest those numbers.

Then read the top of Ludington Talks which says "Welcome to Ludington Talks, Mason County's busiest social networking site...". Au contraire?

Outstanding work one and all, but remember we are here to have fun, and make a difference.

I would like to apply for the job. What is the pay-scale? just joking with ya

1) Creative: Uses good convincing prose of their own creation, or is artistic in other ways.YES

2) Cogent: Is to the point, or on point most of the time.OH, yes

3) Collective: Is prolific and/or stops in at the Torch regularly. Most definitely

4) Compatible: Agrees with the goals, visions, rules, of the TorchMost definitely

5) Congenial: Remains cordial to others even during disagreements. Yes, yes, and yes

6) Consistent: Does not contradict themselves over time, without good reason.Of course

7) Capable: Is able to discharge the duties of the post evenhandedly. Most definitely

Please consider the above qualifications I have bolded of the seven C's.

Yeah, right! Take your meds, go to de beds too! And shleeeep it offski!
I see this intellectual is still among us, and continues it's fantasies of KC Koolaid intoxication, and more insights into the abyss!
Wow, Poppycock, strong in 7 out of 7. That looks like one impressive resume. Most definitely.


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