Breaking News: Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shot in the head

Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, a Rep from Arizona was shot in the head at a community event. Witnesses have reported hearing up to 15 shots. Injuries and fatality reports have fluctuated with reports saying that Giffords passed away although at this point, its now being reported that she is still alive but in critical condition. Its also been reported that 4 people did die in the shooting, including a child. Reportedly, the gunman approached where Giffords was speaking to a couple when he yelled something and opened fire. Other then saying that is was a male that was the gunman, nothing else that I have heard has been reported as to who the guy was. 

Giffords sounds like she would be described as a blue dog democrat (she was a former republican), fiscally conservative and a gun owner. Had she been in my district, I could of seen myself voting for her possibly.

Anyhow, the story is unfolding as we speak, surely we will know much more by this evening.

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How come the main stream media not saying much about the man arrested yesterday who was shot last sat.  He  was shot the same time as gabbie.   He told a tea party person that he was dead.  So main stream must think it is ok for the far left to say or do something like that.
Yeah I never heard anything about that until you just mentioned it. Do you have any kind of link to a news source on that one JB ??
Fox news  sorry unable to get back sooner    good ole comp problems   He took pictures and told the person he was dead.    Deputys placed him under arrest when they heard him say it.
Where were all of you folks with computer and monitor issues when I was moving and giving stuff away?? I gave away two fully functional systems and 3 older but very good monitors before I left Ludington.


That's a good post. Funny how much information can be contained in a simple drawing with a few words attached.

I agree RJE, Dave made a great find in the Journalistically Challenged cartoon, and it's right on point. Masonco, how can these type people continue to founder in our society with more rights than the rest of us? I've been fighting this issue with MCMH for years about another person I know, and others that have already done themselves in, due to not being treated and confined for such mental disease. Our ancient forefathers may have gone too far in the past, but to let this continue now, and into the future, isn't helping them or us in any constructive way. Thanks for your time in giving us the TRUTH too, Sadly.

They were abused at one time and neglected as non people...So government stepped in and went to the other extreme but they can not account for their actions cause they do not recognize right vs wrong.


Think about this. We pay for our prisoners. At least 65% are mentally ill. Would it not have been cheaper and kinder  to house them in places like the now closed community in Traverse City than let them be abuse by other prisoners in prison?

Shooting Investigation details released to the public.  Though Loughner pleaded guilty and was sentenced last year, the records had been under seal on order of the court, and were just released.  USA Today summarizes some of the findings: 


Sheriff's officials, who investigated jointly with the FBI, withheld the crime reports under a federal court order for two years. U.S. District Judge Larry Burns had decided while the murder case was pending that publication of investigative materials might jeopardize the defendant's right to a fair trial.

Burns recently lifted his seal at the behest of The Arizona Republic; KPNX-TV, Phoenix; and other media. This release closes a two-year legal battle.  Here's some of what was uncovered: 

Loughner was polite and cooperative with authorities who were holding him the afternoon following his morning shooting rampage. The conversation as Loughner sat in restraints in an interview room was mainly small talk.

Loughner's mother, Amy, told investigators that she and her husband, Randy, took a 12-gauge shotgun away from their son after he was kicked out of Pima Community College and tested him for drugs because his behavior was so strange. The shotgun, which he had owned since 2008, was the only firearm that his parents knew their son owned.

Randy Loughner said it was a challenge to have a rational conversation with his son before the shooting. "I tried to talk to him. But you can't. He wouldn't let you," he said "Lost, lost and just didn't want to communicate with me no more."

Giffords intern Daniel Hernandez helped tend to his boss after she was shot in the head. In an interview, he described the chaos: "She couldn't open her eyes. I tried to get any responses for her. Um, it looked like her left side was the only side that was still mobile. Um, she couldn't speak. It was mumbled. She was squeezing my hand."

Zachary Osler was an employee at a store where Jared Loughner later bought a Glock before the shooting, he also had been Jared Loughner's friend. He was questioned about seeing Loughner shopping inside, sometime before Thanksgiving, and describes an awkward encounter with his former friend. "His response is nothing. Just a mute facial expression. And just like he, he didn't care." Osler told investigators he had grown uncomfortable with Loughner's personality.

 Police found two fully loaded magazines for a Glock in the gunman's left front pocket. In his other front pocket was a foldable knife with a 4-inch blade after the shooting.

 Shooting victim Bill Badger described being shot. "When I looked, he was just shooting at the people. And, and everybody started to duck. And just as I ducked, I felt the bullet hit the back of my head. It just burned the back of my head. And, the next thing I knew he was coming right in front of me."


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