City Residents: Did you Receive This? Did you Send This?

This morning, I was surprised to find two pages of campaign literature on each of my building's mailboxes.  Surprised, because the November election is five days over and the USPS doesn't deliver on Sunday, but this campaign had nothing to do with that; it was dealing with discussions and votes to likely take place at city hall later on this November.  The first page described what was about to occur and invited the flyer recipient to take some action, whatever their position on the topic was:

The second page shows a map of the city detailing where marijuana facilities would be permitted if the zoning law under discussion would pass (the words at the top of the page was half-missing in all of my flyers):

Unlike many people who have strong opinions on either side of marijuana facilities in Ludington, the creator(s) of this flyer seems to be neutral on the issue, wishes to remain anonymous, and has the ability to afford the money, personnel, and time to leave vast amounts of colored copies throughout the city trying to generate a discussion at council meetings.  

If this was organized and performed by a private individual or group, the Ludington Torch commends them for the effort to get citizens involved with city issues, we have attempted to do the same over our thirteen years of existence, with mixed results.  The prime suspect of who would do this, however, would have to be someone from city hall looking to broaden the discussion-- they would need to appear neutral, have access to 'free' color copies, and would be likely to have help from some of their hundreds of other workers for the city.  They might remain anonymous in order to deflect those who would wonder why the city would expend such resources for what amounts to advertising.

That's just an educated guess, so if somebody else is willing to take the credit for doing this exercise in weekend logistics, or if you can attach a name to the anonymous sender(s), we would like to acknowledge their efforts. 

Likewise, if you live in Ludington tell us whether you received this flyer and, whichever way you answer that, clue us in to what general area of the city you live in.  It would be interesting knowing how widely these were dispersed.

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Retail across the street from the High School/ Middle School. Good planning.

Why is the grow area outside of City?

Oxy Chem???

How much of this is a ploy to raise property tax because you are fortunate enough to own real estate in these newly defined areas?

You'll find the proposed zoning map for marijuana facilities has a lot of features of the regular zoning map, this is why some of these facilities line up so close to the high school.  Many people should find this unacceptable, you and me just shake our heads knowing that committees of supposedly learned men and women of Ludington guided by wise attorneys produced this and thought having retail marijuana joints across from the middle school would not be an issue.

I am 'fortunate' enough to live in the green area on Dowland Street, and my neighbors and I will likely see one of these facilities going into the old McDonald's Bakery, later Cops & Donuts, Ludington Precinct if the city goes this way.  Rather than seeing people going there for baked goods, we will see them going there to get goodly baked.

 I got a phone call about my Green on the map  property the other day. Offered 10 times what I payed for it.  I figured it was a Mariana outfit looking for locations. Did you get a call?


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