The 'ownership' over yonder is talking about how we are
soooooooo heartbroken about not being there anymore. And that a few of
us here got 'paddled' and didn't like it. Paddled? Really? Don't you
mean that we were removed because we didn't 'fit the mold' or some of
us left because there was no point in staying being that we were told
we would be removed if we stayed?

Of course there is the typical delusion of grandeur coming our friend
Behr, saying that we are sad for not being part of the group over
there. I think its safe to say that nothing could be further from the
truth. We have said repeatedly that we find it odd that although
everyone is suppose to be welcome there, that the real truth is that
your only welcome if you have a liberal view of things. If everyone was
welcome then most everyone here would still be at the Soup. Its funny
that their front page holds the biggest lie about that site..
"everyones welcome"... yeah right... lol.

Have there been some threads about the Soup over here? Sure.... just
like there have been threads about the Torch there, I think its not
uncommon when dealing with a rival site not to have some back and
forth. Basically, almost every thread started here that had anything to
do with the Soup was started because of something that happened over
there.... either banning a member or being a topic of a thread there.
It would seem that the Soup is just as guilty of 'not being able to get
over it' as we are. If the Soup is a place where you can speak freely,
it has a odd way of showing it.

Last but not least, if your group of adults over there Behr is actually
adults, then maybe you could remind them to not come visit us if there visit is only to try and start trouble here. The last
3 weekends someone from the Soup has been making visits here. There
only reason for the visits is to come here and be disruptive. Said
person has come in and taken shots at basically all the former Soup
members here, used profane language (F and S bombs... clear violation
of most public forums TOS) and just trying to be a general nuisance. I
think its most likely the same person and I am pretty sure I know
exactly who it is (if you would like to know who, have one of your members contact me at LT). You want to complain to the children here, well, you
got at least one of your own there. If your members want to come over and
be part of a open forum and be able to say what they want (within the
TOS of course) then they are more then welcome. You do notice that
whoever this person is that has made the visits, that they were able to sign up and come in and
talk each time they visited. Can the same be said of the Soup? I'm thinking no.

In closing, people over at the Soup are no better then the people here.
We all have are good and bad points. The bickering between both of our sites needs to stop if any of us want to come out of this not looking foolish.

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What's Facebook? lol
Yeah that's funny Dave! Sometimes I wish I didn't know what Facebook was!
Thank you Behr for changing the greeting on the main page to more properly reflect the type of site the Soup is.
I copied that Max thanks, I'll just look in for a while on some to see what it's all about for a while. Cool. Wha, movie? Kid stuff. What's the new greeting Dave?
The new greeting at the Soup is this:

Welcome to the Liberal Voice of West Michigan! This is a friendly site for liberal-minded in an extremely conservative area.

The old greeting was a bit misleading.
Yeah, the old greeting wasn't a reality check on the administrator. Now he states "extremely conservative area", that may be accurate 40+ years ago, not so much now. Ever notice how libs always talk in terms of extremes, crisis, emergency, everything has a sense of such urgency to it? Like the sky is falling complex day to day. I think there's enuf uncertainty in the world and economy without inflating the index of paranoia to the hilt everyday you get out of bed. Couldn't live in harmony like that.
You can't see their main page anymore without a password. I guess they prefer being an island unto themselves. Not a very good way to make friends.
Pretty much my thought too... some people like to see the product before they purchase so to speak.. granted that on these kind of forums its all free and all.. but still, when you have to go through a 'vetting' process to even see what's going on, you might wonder if its worth your time or not.
(Mock Outrage) How dare you guys oppress them so much that they have to go into hiding like this! Why do open-minded and independent thinkers have to put up with ultra-con Rush-groupies like you close-minded people? Let them discuss their secular progressive views where all can see them... in private.

(Pent-up laughter)
I think I have to applaud him for at least taking a piece of advice I gave him months ago, which was to portray themselves as what they really are as any independent thinking conservative already sees them for the fraud that they are.
10-4 Guido, hate to call names, or label peeps, but I've been stating some Soupers are just plain hypocrits over at LT, & I do think frauds is one in the same.


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