WITH LOVE & AFFECTION FOR ALL TORCHERS, MY VALENTINE'S DAY WISH HEREWITH! Let's hear some stories of how you "carry a torch" for your loved one. What kind of food brings out that special love? What gifts will she/he be getting this year? How do you celebrate this special day? Love transcends all inequities and problems. JMO   P.S. I gotta side bet of $10 that no more than 6 of the 30 members comment here. It's not a political nor religious subject, just another great holiday to celebrate LOVE.

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Happy V-day to you too Aquaman! Very true that love transcends all.... & I hope that everyone has or finds the love they need. I married a long time ago for the wrong reasons, & (thankfully) that marriage ended very shortly thereafter. It took me another 22 years to find the right mate that I was meant for..... someone that could accept me for who & what I am & everything I believe in.... someone I could share the same passions & interests with, but yet be different enough to never make life boring. I finally have a love with no regrets & I could not be happier :) I hope everyone has an awesome Valentine's Day! <3
Love transcends all inequities and confusions? Are you coming out of the trench there Mr. Aquaman? Blind-Eye warned me at the other site about people like you here. Good luck on securing some trout this Valentine's Day (((wink))) .

What a heterophobe that Blind-Eye guy is. He figures that since he rubs shoulders w/ all the Giblets at the Soup he is morally superior to all who don't. Because we don't make special concessions to this crowd here we're all bigots in his mind. I love how he continually does everyone else's thinking for them. What a tool!

Anyhow, I have no problem being friends with those of different sexual orientations. Monster-sized crossdressers have a way of freakin' me out, however, so Aquaman, don't you grow to 400 pounds and parade around like Mae West and expect me to hug you.
I'm leaving the field of battle till after the Valentine's Day celebration of LOVE. But no, I'm 6'1", 225, in the nude. That's a real nice story too RedStorm, I'd love to hear more of these right now on this thread, mushy, yet appropriate. How many else are "carrying a torch" for your loved one this special day? Love and Kisses all.
hummmmmmmmmm - am happily married & have been for 7 yrs now - its crazy alot of plp that I work with are getting divorced, going to see a counciler etc....... and they have been married only a few years (or less)! It's crazy! We don't plan on any big celebrations for V-day, no gifts (trying to save $$) but my love will be pulling out the grill (no matter what the weather is like) and cooking us up some wonderful porterhouse steaks while I make up some boiled shrimp/2x baked potatoes & salad! So yummy!!! My parents will probably take our son for a few hours, or not, who knows............. we have this dinner every year for V-day cuz its the first dinner we had on our first V-day together back in 2001. There is only one man for me, thats my hubby - I don't know how he puts up with my s**t sometimes, but he is the greatest!
Sounds like a tolerant-- and lucky-- man. Looks like you'll have a special day.
Hmmmm......happy-happy..porterhouse's, mmm..my fav too....lucky you two. Thanks for sharing Angela, and happy trails to ya both.
yes he is very tolerant! hahahha but really I'm not that hard to get along with - I do play nice most of the time :p
TMI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
So, Mary A., what's your take on Valentine's Day this year my fav. pen-pal gal? You must have something really special you are holding back on until the last moment, or aren't cha? Quit keeping us in suspense there now, inquiring minds wonna know, thanks.
Aqua, Valentine's Day is pretty uneventful at my house. I always tell my hubby not to get me flowers because they will just die or candy because it will make me fat. I seldom wear jewelry and the only fur I own is my cats. We'll exchange cards, go to church as we always do on Sunday, and see a matinee later in the day. Then we'll share dinner at home because the restaurants hike their prices outrageously on Valentine's Day. I love Angela's idea of grilling steaks. Anyway, that's it for me - just another day in the life of Mary A.
I think that's just swell Mary, just take it to the movies after the routines earlier, then have a nice meal. I do have to agree with too many restaurants taking advantage, same as alot of other businesses out there now. I know I used to have to cook for that holiday if we didn't eat out. Heck, I always loved cooking for love. Hope you have a real nice Valentines Day, and hope the other gals on this forum can find time to tell us about their special day too. Time's ticking girls, you guys too. Thanks.
A couple years ago I sent my daughter a dozen roses to her school(she was in first grade). This year I am going to the party and will get her a webkinz.
I too won't spend any $$ on DH and would be very miserable if he spent any on me, he knows better. He knows I feel like mary about the jewelry=don't wear it, fur=pets, food=fat. Now if he does laundry, washes the dishes and my car and the floors and...and....and...those chores would make me happier than any objects.


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