Tuned into Ludington Talks for the latest confrontation over mundane and esoteric topics today.  Guess what?  There is no topics!  They have removed the forum.  Does anyone know what gives, they have as of yet offered no explanation


If they decide to keep it that way, we must get out there and start recruiting new members to the Torch, as this will be the only local Ning site actually made up of adults in the area that offers a forum. 

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I sent an email but have not gotten any response. Dave was able to get there so was someone else, so I wonder if some of us got banned? If I don't hear today, I'll send shoreline another email.
I have seen that Santa Claus got banned. Santa did overtly advertise for the Ludington Torch, so he may have either been targeted by Soupers, or noticed by Shoreline Media independently. He had very few posts, and wasn't controversial.

Imagine them not only depriving us of the forums, for whatever reason, for awhile, and then banishing good ol' St. Nick for saying he loves to spend his off-time at the Torch. They remind one of Grinches or Scrooges-- Grooges... Scrinches...
Poor Santa. He led me to the Torch, and for that I am grateful. :-)
Santa clued me in on the Torch too, as did King "Aquaman" Neptune. I hope we see both again real soon.
They are back now... I figured LT may have pulled them down in response to the latest moronic activity of the some of the soupers. in case you didnt read the closed group discussion several attempts were made to gain access to my page... I found this out because in order to change a password LT sends a message link to the home ip computers email which he does not have in my case.. The email asks you to click on the link if you do in fact want to change your password. I copied and pasted the links so LT could look into it.. The response was they take such things very seriously. So there you have it ehh.
I still haven't heard. Which closed group are you talking about?

I would never want this site to grow into something similar to Ludington Talks. If the Torch loses its personal touch, I don't think it would be as appealing. JMO
Mary A. So true so true. But the thread is opened up again.
I agree with you both, but it would be nice to expand a little and get the rest of the fresh thinkers in our area. There is still a handful or two of such people over at LT that it would be nice to have over here.

The forums are back up; anybody have a solid idea as to why it was down?
I think guido's response above makes sense. Obviously we won't know. I never got an answer to my email.


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