Obama Adm Uses Child-Indoctrinating Socialist to Promote Illegals Pay Program

The sooner Obama's socialist agenda is defeated the quicker we can get America back on it's feet.

Below is a most disturbing video  link off the U.S. Department of Labor web site. This video also shows a rep. of the Labor Dept. telling high school students that Republicans hate Latinos.





This country is in serious trouble.

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View more videos on the Dept. of Labor web site. Remember, your tax dollars are paying for this.

Did you have a problem trying to post your thread RJE? When I got here, the same thread was posted about a dozen times. I checked each one to make sure they was the same and then deleted the extra ones. If you done that on purpose for some reason, my apologies.

Moving on to the thread topic... I remember seeing the Dept of Labor videos back a little while ago.. like spring time I think. They are insane. The lady in the video talking about Chavez is clearly a Kool-Ade drinker. I just heard something about Chavez this afternoon on my way to work. There was a farmer that had his farm basically taken away from him and given to 'squatters'. He was of course upset with this course of action... so upset that he wanted to make a point. One thing he did was actually cut his finger off... later he went on a hunger strike which he eventually died from... all because his personal property that had been in his family for years was taken from him.
Dave, if you can procure some more info on that farmer who cut and hungered himself-- I want to make sure it isn't an urban legend.
Sure thing... here ya go:

Farmer-turned-hunger striker dies in Venezuela

By IAN JAMES, Associated Press Writer Ian James, Associated Press Writer – Tue Aug 31, 11:39 pm ET

CARACAS, Venezuela – A farmer who held repeated hunger strikes in a land dispute with Venezuela's government has died in a military hospital where he had been taken against his will.

For opponents of President Hugo Chavez, Franklin Brito's emaciated figure became a symbol of government highhandedness and they joined the family Tuesday in accusing the government of violating his rights.

Brito's family announced his death Monday night, saying his "body stopped carrying out vital functions."

"Fundamental human rights were violated in my father's case," Brito's daughter, Angela, told journalists outside the hospital Tuesday while the family waited for his body to be turned over. "They held him in the military hospital against his will for nearly nine months. They didn't give access to doctors he trusted, even though he requested it."

Venezuelan officials say they took Brito to the hospital trying to safeguard his life, and have accused Chavez opponents of using him for political purposes.

The 49-year-old farmer began his protests in 2004, blaming the government for the seizure of a portion of his 716 acres (290 hectares) by other farmers who invaded his property. The squatters moved onto land where Brito grew cassava, watermelons and cantaloupes after the government gave permission to others to work adjacent lands — eventually cutting off his access to the farm.

Such conflicts have played out across Venezuela as Chavez's socialist-oriented government has backed seizures of farms that it deems unproductive and has awarded supporters with plots to cultivate.

Brito lived out his final months withering away in the military hospital in Caracas, where he was taken against his will in December by authorities who picked him up from his protest camp outside the offices of the Organization of American States.

Relatives and other critics said the government held responsibility for his condition in the hospital.

"Franklin Brito's death is a consequence of the intransigence, of the arrogant way Venezuela is being governed," said Marino Alvarado, leader of the human rights group Provea. "This is a case that could have been resolved with a little bit of willingness to have a dialogue."

Chavez's agriculture minister, Juan Carlos Loyo, said the government never proposed taking Brito's land and tried to help him.

Loyo said in comments reported by the state-run Venezuelan News Agency that he visited Brito recently at the hospital hoping to see "how we could help for humanitarian reasons."

Goverment officials have said they ordered squatters to leave Brito's land and neighbors were ordered to allow him access to the land.

But Brito had a drastically different view, saying he wanted the government to acknowledge in writing that it had erred in providing the farming permits and taking away his access to the land. He felt that would guarantee his property rights, and was a matter of principle.

During six years of on-and-off protests, he said it was important to establish what occurred — saying it was a "farm that was expropriated, although later they have wanted to erase" that.

"Some people think I'm crazy, but this way I help my children more than giving up. This is a matter of dignity," Brito said during one protest.

Over the past eight years, Chavez's government says it has seized more than 5 million acres (2 million hectares) of farmland, often targeting property that officials contend was either fallow or underused. The government has said it aims to boost food production and aid the landless.

Critics say the measures have often targeted working farms and are hurting food output.

Brito's public struggle — which his family said involved more than eight hunger strikes — began in November 2004 in a city plaza in Caracas. He refused food for nine days, then ended that protest after authorities promised to tend to his case.

In July 2005, Brito sewed his mouth shut to protest what his family called the government's failure to live up to its promise. Later, he grabbed attention by cutting off a finger in front of the television cameras.

Chavez opponents accused the government of moving Brito to the military hospital to make his protests less visible. Once there, he intensified his protests.

He died six days before his 50th birthday.

Hernan Bongioanni, secretary general of the Venezuelan Red Cross, said Brito's prolonged hunger strikes led to "a progressive deterioration of both his weight and organs," and he died after developing a respiratory infection that led to septic shock.

"There was liver failure, kidney failure and, at the end, unfortunately we had a body with an impaired immune system," Bongioanni told state television.

Both family and opposition politicians called Brito a champion of human rights.

Weeping friends and relatives laid hands on his flag-draped coffin during a wake where the national anthem was played Tuesday night.


Associated Press videojournalist Yesica Fisch and AP writer Jorge Rueda contributed to this report.


Yes. I kept getting a message that I had to post a comment before it would except the new discussion. I kept pushing the accept button until it kicked in. I didn't know it was setting up multiple discussions. Thanks for deleting the duplicates.
Ok, I think I understand what happened... was you cut and pasting from your thread over at LT? I've ran into the situation where I have tried to copy something there, paste it here and would get a message I think the same as what you are mentioning. Basically you have to either alter or add anything to the pasted item here and then it will do what it is suppose too. Usually i'll just add a lil comment or even just add a extra period somewhere and that will take care of it.
That's exactly what I was trying to do. Thanks for the tip. I'll know better next time.
That seems to be the basic case: if you are cutting and pasting all the content in your thread totally from another source (be it LT, Word, The Huffington Post, or any other source) you have to add 'something' to it to be accepted, as Dave said.

Back to the topic: Why is the Secretary of Labor saying undocumented (i.e. illegal aliens) have the right to be paid fairly? Instead of trying to support and enforce this hokum, why doesn't she try to actually enforce labor laws which require 'documentation' to work legally?
Yeah I figured that out too... LT seems to be trying to keep the forum from using other more reliable news sources for discussions yes??? lol


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