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At the last City Council meeting Ludington Police Chief Mark Barnett said a certain individual is "someone who is hiding under the bleachers lobbing rocks on the parade" after a made a public statement regarding bad decisions the City of Ludington made regarding public safety.  These decisions likely resulted in the deaths of two visitors to Ludington.  With all due respect to the pair that succumbed to drowning because of the City's unconcern for the safety of the citizens and visitors of Ludington, I present a re-working of the B-52's song "Rock Lobster" to more suit the local situation.  It is called "Rock Lobber".  references to beaches, docks, and lifeguards worked out well in the re-write.  Play the video while reading the new lyrics!

Rock Lobber 

We discussed the beach

Every Haller had matching scowls

Somebody went off of a dock  

And then sunk like a rock  

It wasn't the rock  

It was the rock lobber


Rock, Rock lobber, Tom Rotta


Motion in the big lake  

Goldsmith's will broke

Lots of trouble

Lots of bubble  

He was in a jam  

City's master plan

Rock, lob, Rock lobber

Down, down

Underneath the waves  

Tourists wavin'  

Wavin' to Tony

Wavin' one last time

Rescue forces sailin'  

Sirens wailin'

Chief Barnett snappin'  

John Shay crappin'  

Excuses spinnin'

Finger's pointin'


Rock, Rock Lobber


Down, down Let's rock!

Lobber, Rock, Rotta, Tom


Cops in a fireboat  

Boys in canoes  

Everybody's lookin'  

Everybody's shooken

Talkin' around the Torch  

Havin' no fun  

Bakin' officials  

Baskin' in the facts

Put off those blackguards  

Put in the Lifeguards  

Pass real beach safety

Here comes beach patrol  

There goes a chance to save

Spineless as a jelly fish  

Here comes a dog-park  

Chased by cat feed laws  

Don't feed the sea gulls  

Watch out for that ORV  

There goes common sense  

Here comes City Council sense!

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Oh man that is funny. Now your a poet

I grew up with Mad Magazine.  They frequently made up songs sung to the tune of common ditties.  I just resubscribed to Mad because my nephew loves it too.  But I always get to see it first! 

The aquatic theme of the discussions and the "Rock Lobster" song was too coincidental to pass up.

last time i put down a comment in the torch you were involved inan election, xlfd.  sorry that didnt work but nice it is to see you can go into now the city hall of ludlud and cause a ruckus and make a song about it.  i havent been able to keep up lately but i still do check in and find out whats shakin in mason county when the weather turns .  lud city hall is shakin in their boots from what i see and hear, they dont show it but they are.


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