Wow  !!!!!   the daily news just reported that Shay is resigning !!!!!!!!!!    Now to get rid of the attorney!!!!!!!

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Will Mayor Kaye be leading a rider-less horse for the Freedom Festival Parade? 

The COLDS (City of Ludington Daily Snooze) reported that Shay leaves the city in good financial shape. BWAHAHAHA.

I wonder what leaving the city in bad financial shape looks like.

I tell you, John Shay is the COLDNews best fiction writer.

I predict the pinhead councilors and Mayor  will publicly blame X for this and they will further state how hard it will be to find another shlup like Shay if there continues to be any criticism of the City Managers job performance. I wish they all would retire. Ludington needs to reset the City Council, Mayor , Manager and City Attorney and start over if any semblance of rational Governance is to come forth. 

I'm looking forward to a glarefest at the next council meeting, with Krauch and Shay getting in their last totally unprofessional character attacks at my expense.  Katie Moonbeam will probably follow these outbursts saying how my 'totally unprofessional character attacks' at the meetings over the years led to the resignation of the city's principals-- without me having ever launched one.  

Well said guys, and this is long overdue. Fact is, he should be in jail for all the unethical and illegal acts he committed over and over again, while Barnett and the council just looked the other way. And don't worry, we are being left in a good financial status, great infrastructure improvements, wonderful parks, and a great growing downtown business environment. Absolutely NOTHING could be Further from the TRUTH!!! YES, get out, and don't let the door Hit you in the A$$!!!!!

Record it.  Send to Ottawa county.

I don't want to spook our benefactors from below when it's unclear whether Shay's new contract has been signed and approved yet.  I don't begrudge anybody sending Ottawa County their grudges with what Shay has done to them or to Ludington, but if you do it too early, they may reconsider, and you know our city council would welcome him back with open arms and a raise in pay and benefits, in a strange way akin to Battered Woman Syndrome.

Here's a question. Will it be possible to reverse the train wreck that is coming if Shay is no longer dictator of Ludington's politics? The train wreck I'm referring to is the destruction of the Ludington Ave. west end beach. Can it be stopped or  does there exist enough insanity in local leaders who will continue with the madness. 

I would LOVE the WES to cease to exist, but unlikely in my opinion.  I think it didn't happen this spring as the city noticed the rising levels of Lake Michigan.  Then those thoughts were reaffirmed with the tidal wave.  I am guessing they are having it re-engineered to accommodate the water level issues.  The lake could come up another 15" easily.  Wonder if they thought of that.  They have to spend the money by end of 2019 in order to get reimbursed by DNR.

   I can't believe that after the water event that happened earlier this spring that anyone in their right mind would build there. It has happened before I believe in the mid ? 60's? 

Good thought Willy, but it's impossible to happen now imho. First of all, the Mayor and Council would think if they cancelled it that it would make them look wrong in some way, and they must always look perfect and never make any mistakes. Secondly, the MDNR already scheduled a grant for over $300K to start work, but I don't know if that's just on paper, or if a check was sent yet. Thirdly and lastly, cancelling it would help make Shyster Shay's legacy tainted and not robust. And they just can't have that either now, sadly.

Indications are that the bowling alley block will not qualify for Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) anytime soon, and that the delicate calculus of several inter-related projects may be in jeopardy.  The selling of the fire station property may never happen, but the new station will be built on the edge of town next door to schools anyway, Shay saw to that at the last meeting. 

Mother nature showed us the folly of fancy constructions and landscaping at the West End this spring, but the only thing that could derail wasting all that money is if other ancillary deals fall through and/or the Community Development Director follows the other rats escaping from the sinking ship.  Jim Miller had a legacy, John Shay will have a lame-acy.


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