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I took the survey and according to the results, I am a centrist that is also borderline libertarian. I think that sounds about right as I usually tend to think of myself as a independent... independent and centrist I don't think are to far off each other.

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I'm one of those dog-gone libertarians-- who woulda thought?
Centrist, but I was all over the place, like the way I describe myself on my profile page. It makes sense, because I don't like to be labeled.
deep in the libertarian field
As deep as you can get in the Libertarian field.
Independently, conservatively libertarian, with no waffles or spinning wheels.
Libertarian... but I am a realist... I don't see on of our kind being elected to a major office until The Republican party melts down do to its reliance on special interest money. It makes them look as hypocritical as the Dems I think.
I fell very close to the three way border of Conservative, Centrist, and Libertarian. But I was more in the center. Newsflash, Edie is a moderate.
Moderate??, you eating bologna sandwiches tonite? Har!
No wonder you were trying to get on board that soupbowl earlier this year. Wait, I forgot. There is no room for Centrists there.
Is that Soup forum still operating? I would love to know what opinions they have on how Obama and the Democrats are forcing the citizens of the U.S. to follow their agenda. I can't believe anyone who uses their head, other than those who receive Gov. handouts, would want this corrupt Administration to strong arm us down the path of Socialism.
Yes they are still on the air, though they may be switching over to a new venue when the Ning switches over to pay-only sites. Last time I checked, they were mulling over some pretty mundane topics, but I think you would find several there that would defend the current trend.
phoenix.z.xx my friend... just as obviously some of the Soup people visit here, some of us like to take a look over there. I think X was just trying to say that a majority of the topics there, and really probably a good part of the topics here, could be considered mundane. Of course there are some topic's started that are not mundane for both of the forums but really in the end, there is plenty of mundane to go around... lol.

X mentioned early on with this forum that he wasn't looking to compete with the Soup other then friendly competition. I believe that the only reason there got to be more of a competitive spirit... here at least anyway... was due to visitors coming apparently from the Soup over here to cause shenanigans. These visitors would use comments that made it apparent they were familiar with me and other members, in my case by mentioning about where I work for instance. Anyway, Behr actually stopped and talked to me a few days ago at my work and we talked for a few minutes before I got tied up with a customer. I don't overly have a problem with Behr, most of my concerns have been with things said back and forth between the sites and the issues with the visitors which only because he was the head of the site there, the visitors are partly his responsibility.. just as say a captain of a ship is overly responsible for the actions of his crew (although I can't say I would hold Behr to the same standard of what the military might). If anyone from here is going there and causing trouble, i'd hold X under the same standard.

Anyhow, I would just assume that we all try and get along... at least for the most part anyway. We can keep the friendly rivalry going, just as long as it stays friendly. I can't speak for everyone here of course but I think there are several here that would be content with just keeping things more or less as they are now... that being that we don't get to crazy toward one another :-)


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