Here is what 13 million gallons of raw sewage look like that was recently released into Lake St Clair.

Of course when 12 million gallons were released into PM Bayou John Shay told us, no problems here. It is cold out that time of year and it doesn't affect anyone or what ever line of crap Shay was quoted as saying.

Here is a link to the story downstate.

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That is nasty. Of course Ludington doesn't have the same problem because Shay doesn't think his sh_t stinks.

Absolutely disgusting. Anyone who says that is OK, I say lets fill their bathtubs full and let them bathe in it daily.  Our drinking water has been contaminated in the Toledo area because of septic tanks near the shoreline.  I don't trust the authorities to test the water and give an accurate reading so we drink bottled water.  So very sad overall.

Else that or spring water, what I drink for years. The "idea of calling a Bayou a LAGOON", like Shyster Shay does now, is the main reason some think less of this, and turn their head on the PM Bayou contamination issues today. Pure LIES and PROPAGANDA that SHAY gets away with everyday here in our hometown, Ludington, very sickening, and unethical in every way! 


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