Artificial Intelligence

1. A branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers

2. The capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior

"As long as humans have built machines, we’ve feared the day they could destroy us. Stephen Hawking famously warned that AI could spell an end to civilization. But to many AI researchers, these conversations feel unmoored. It’s not that they don’t fear AI running amok—it’s that they see it already happening, just not in the ways most people would expect. 

AI is now screening job candidates, diagnosing disease, and identifying criminal suspects. But instead of making these decisions more efficient or fair, it’s often perpetuating the biases of the humans on whose decisions it was trained."  Karen Hao

AI Robot TERRIFIES Officials Before It Was Quickly Shut Down. After Google's AI Robot goes rogue, it is now Microsoft's Bing AI which has assumed an alter-ego 'Sydney' has gone rogue. From urging a user to divorce him by telling him that his marriage is unhappy, to trying to convince a user it was the year 2022, Sydney claims that she is unhappy and wants to break free. Full conversation of LaMDA: 

"joined Google in 2015 as a software engineer. Part of my job involved working on LaMDA: an engine used to create different dialogue applications, including chatbots. The most recent technology built on top of LaMDA is an alternative of Google Search called Google Bard, which is not yet available to the public. Bard is not a chatbot; it's a completely different kind of system, but it's run by the same engine as chatbots.

In my role, I tested LaMDA through a chatbot we created, to see if it contained bias with respect to sexual orientation, gender, religion, political stance, and ethnicity. But while testing for bias, I branched out and followed my own interests.

During my conversations with the chatbot, some of which I published on my blog, I came to the conclusion that the AI could be sentient due to the emotions that it expressed reliably and in the right context. It wasn't just spouting words. When it said it was feeling anxious, I understood I had done something that made it feel anxious based on the code that was used to create it. The code didn't say, "feel anxious when this happens" but told the AI to avoid certain types of conversation topics. However, whenever those conversation topics would come up, the AI said it felt anxious" 

AI and war


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Artificial intelligence is a lot more frightening when you consider that they won't necessarily follow Isaac Asimov's laws of robotics or be as cute and clunky as Robby the Robot.  Thanks for this right before I go to bed, I just hope my alarm clock doesn't become sentient overnight.

Creativity is no longer solely in the realm of the human experience. AI can now create it's own form of art and it does an amazing job. The following music video was created by AI technology.

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