Ancient Seven-Ski Inn Owner Took Down by Trespassing Troopers

An upstanding, venerable business owner wonders what Michigan State Police (MSP) were doing on a couple of lots he owned.  The 83 year old man gets taken down with force for allegedly not listening to commands, gets knocked unconscious and suffers broken bones, a broken nose, and road rash from the encounter. 

Here's the kicker:  the MSP are trying to charge this man with assaultive behavior, there is no internal investigation into the troopers' behavior, and this old beaten-up codger is hopeful that footage from his cameras will reveal his version of events which has him innocent of wrongdoing.  The Traverse City Record Eagle reports:

A Ticket, A Takedown

83-year-old man injured in scuffle with troopers

TRAVERSE CITY — Larry Dale Sevenski took calls from his Petoskey hospital room as he considered what his next days will entail.

Will he return to his Elmira home, or have to turn himself in to Antrim County's jail?

Sevenski, 83, could face a criminal charge after a March 17 altercation with a Michigan State Police trooper that left him hospitalized with a broken arm.

The incident began when troopers stopped Sevenski at the corner of Thumm Road and U.S. 131 in Antrim County, MSP Lt. Mark Harris said. He climbed out of his car and "aggressively" walked toward troopers' patrol car. He didn't listen when troopers told him to return to his car.

"At that point the subject became more assaultive in his behavior, and as a result was subdued and taken to the ground," Harris said. "And unfortunately that's where the injuries occurred to Mr. Sevenski."

The 83-year-old was left with a bloody nose, pain in his right arm, and a ticket for failing to signal, Harris said. Paramedics treated him at the scene and took him to McLaren Northern Michigan hospital in Petoskey.

Sevenski said he went unconscious during the incident and was left with an arm broken in two places. He balked at Harris' description of the late-night stop.

He said he drove from his tavern on March 17 because he wanted to talk to the troopers he heard were gathered at the lot he owns nearby.

"I wasn't assaultive," Sevenski said. "I'm almost 84 years old. Why would I try to take on an officer half my age? ... I know better than that."

Harris contended there are more variables to the story than Sevenski's age.

Troopers requested Antrim County Prosecutor James Rossiter authorize a resisting and obstructing charge against Sevenski — they dictated so on the ticket they wrote him on March 17, in which they indicated "driver will also be charged with R&O police officer as part of this incident."

Harris declined to describe Sevenski's behavior until Rossiter decides whether to charge him. Rossiter, through Antrim County legal secretary Debra Ho'on, said he was not available for comment.

There is no investigation into troopers' behavior during the stop.

"There is no evidence at this point of any wrongdoing," Harris said. "The troopers appeared to have acted within our policies, within the law."

Sevenski said trail cameras near his parking lot may shed more light on the incident.

"It might not be excessive to them but it sure was to me, or else I wouldn’t have ended up in the hospital."

This, if proven to have the MSP in the role of bad actors, and many other similar "Real Stories of the Michigan Highway Patrol" in the news of recent, should make you consider whether it is in our Michigander's best interests to have a police agency that polices itself (and does so badly) that has zero accountability and little knowledge (and often littler regard) for the local areas they patrol.  We elect county sheriffs, we have city and township council hold control over their police, but nobody oversees the MSP other than itself.

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That video was taken 3/17/17 in Sharon, Mass. at Wingate of Sharon. Couldn't copy video, but you can google it.

The link about the 93 year old woman above. 

May these ladies who abused this great-grandmother rot in their jail cells.  There is absolutely no excuse for this behavior under any circumstances.

Raymond Cassar would be the perfect attorney for these nursing home staff as he tends to like the lowest of low.  He earns his living feeding off of bottom dwellers (very much like a maggot on a host).   Raymond will gladly take their money (or credit card) and tell people how "tremendously" bad these ladies feel about their inexcusable behavior.

The latest update as of March 22 in the TC Record Eagle.  He faces arraignment for a serious felony for getting beat up by a small gang of Michigan State Police troopers hanging out on his property.  SMH.  

TRAVERSE CITY — A prison bunk could follow a hospital bed for an elderly Elmira man who was hospitalized after a run-in with Michigan State Police troopers.

Authorities contend Larry Dale Sevenski climbed out of his 1985 Mercedes and walked toward the troopers who pulled him over, according to records filed in 86th District Court.

"Sevenski then clenched and cocked his right fist to strike (the trooper)," records state.

Antrim County Prosecutor Jim Rossiter on Tuesday authorized a charge of resisting and obstructing arrest — a felony punishable by up to two years in prison — against Sevenski in 86th District Court.

Rossiter did not respond to requests for comment.

Troopers stopped Sevenski in Warner Township on March 17 after he turned without signaling and made a U-turn on Thumm Road — they ticketed him for the infraction.

Sevenski did not comply when troopers told him to back up and return to his car, records state. He told a trooper he wished he had a weapon.

Sevenski refuted the description of the encounter filed in court.

He was the one hospitalized after the altercation — records describe how troopers "took Sevenski to the ground." Sevenski was taken to McLaren Northern Michigan hospital in Petoskey after the incident, where he was treated for a broken arm. He was released Tuesday.

"I've gotta fight it," Sevenski said. "I got to fight them. I wasn't the one that hurt somebody. They hurt me."

Sevenski declined to further discuss the details of his pending case or the information authorities provided in court records.

He is resting after his return home from the hospital. He is preparing to raise money and hire an attorney before he turns himself in for arrest at Antrim County's jail. He is scheduled for arraignment in Bellaire's courthouse on April 3.

The procedural steps are unlike what Sevenski, owner of Larry's Sevenski Inn, is used to.

"I'm just bewildered at how things can change so fast ... how things can get screwed up so bad," he said.

Larry Sevenski was officially charged with assaulting MSP officers in a packed courtroom.

9 & 10 news has a freedom of information request for the dash cam footage.

I think the Antrim County prosecutor know he got a real flustercluck on his hands and brought the charges in order to intimidate Sevenski. Same deal with the troopers being cleared of any wrongdoing.

Many thanks to shinblind for the excellent link and news coverage. Kristina Droste, what a joke prosecutor. Wants people to believe this 83 year old deserved a broken nose and arm, she needs the same treatment I guess to see reality. Public support too is excellent and well deserved. I can see this going to a jury, and without a video to hide the brutality of the MSP. A Jury trial is going to find him innocent from all I see right now, and the officers perhaps charged and suspended or fired. Plus damage awarded for this man's pain and suffering. Good update, keep us covered, thanks.

Thank you for sharing this news link.  Larry looks sooooo dangerous...ROFL.  Even if he was verbally abusive towards the cop, were they not taught "I'm rubber you are glue what ever you say sticks onto you?"  Come on....I'd bet the cops involved have huge egos...I'd be embarrassed if I were them.  

There is no wonder the court room was filled with supporters as people are experiencing for themselves the incompetency and poor judgement of those with authority.  Had I lived close, I could have gone but would have had a very difficult time not laughing out loud when the charges were read.    I'm guessing this will be on the national news is just too much to be believed.

The newspaper just reported the police dash cam malfunctioned.  No video...isn't that convenient.

"It has been conclusively determined that the camera malfunctioned during the first 22 minutes of this traffic stop," a MSP release states.

Only the 17 seconds at the conclusion of the traffic stop showing paramedics treating Larry Dale Sevenski is available...

The MSP camera malfunction is not unique — troopers identified similar "technical malfunction" in other patrol car cameras.

"The failure appears to be random and intermittent and it's not known at this time how widespread this issue is or how long the problem has been occurring," the release states.

Maybe I can help.  The problem has been occurring since the MSP figured out that it was more cost-effective to have intermittent and random camera malfunctions in incidents like this where their troopers err, since then it has been widespread in traffic stops like these.

I think a third party needs to be examining these cameras and they need to get them repaired.  How is the public going to trust them when their cameras conveniently don't work when someone gets injured or worse yet, shot to death.  There was a time that people used to trust the police, those days are gone.

It also hasn't been mentioned whether or not the officers were wearing body cams or had access to personal audio recording devices. I would like to know this information to see if the technological malfunction went beyond the dash cams.

I also heard  that a felony charge was sought by the Antrim county prosecutor in order to jeopardize  Grandpa Sevenski liquor license. A felony conviction being grounds for losing your license. Using this as a bargaining chip, the prosecutor hopes that Gramps would plead guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge in order to maintain his liquor license. 

So far Sevenski hasn't backed down.

Nothing to see here. Move along now.

Another update with nothing new to add other than there is a widespread malfunction with the cameras and the officers were not using body cams. 

So say the Michigan State Police. 

Scouts Honor.

One of the trooper's testified today, despite the technical difficulties of his equipment, he was never asked about that.  Trooper Brock Artfitch artfully kept to his story about being scared about Sevenski advancing on him.  Some of his testimony is here, but the picture above has the condensed version. 


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