Are our Children being Politically Brainwashed in School?

It was brought to my attention last evening that students in Ludington schools 6th grade are required to watch the CNN 10, a educational news program which supports the Democrats. I was also informed that at least one teacher who supports the Democratic view is telling the students that the Republicans are keeping children in cages and other comments that are against our President of the United States. I take exception to anyone trying to indoctrinate our children into only one political party. Teachers should be teaching our children to respect the position of our president because he was elected by the citizens of our country, not condemn him because he is not affiliated with their political party.

Children should be taught to look at all candidates independently so they will be able to make a decision as to who will do the best job for the Country or State irregardless of their political affiliation. If CNN 10 TV and teachers are brainwashing our children to support the Democratic party in shools then another TV news program such as Fox News should be required to be watched in schools so children will be able to compare both political parties equally.

After reseaching CNN 10 there are comments being made from ther teachers (on the CNN 10 website) that the program has political undertones in the broadcasts that are not appropriate for young school children.

If you are a teacher and are reading this would you please comment and let me know if what I have heard and researched is untrue. I would like to know if CNN 10 is truly showing only one side of the political battle that is going on. Our childrens minds are being developed at this time of their lives and it would truly be criminal if they are being taught to not be independent thinkers.

As a independent thinker myself I was taught to never vote for someone by political party but to vote for the person that I feel will do the best job, so don't label me as a Republican because I want our children to see both sides of the story.

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I reviewed several of the CNN 10 videos that were aired around the Senate impeachment hearings and the SOTU address and the bias seemed minimal to me.  CNN 10 has their videos posted online and archived, so one can make the case for political bias directly by posting a video and pointing that bias out.  Few would argue that CNN is unbiased, but they seem to keep most political bias from their CNN 10 airwaves, at least from what I sampled.

Teachers with strong political beliefs either way can still be very effective teachers, but they must have the traits of humility and tolerance to be successful in that regard.  I had a very liberal college instructor (English Department) who regularly provoked a couple of the other non-liberal students into discussions over political topics.  His aim was not to silence the opposing view or dictate that his ideas were better, it was to stimulate critical thinking skills and illustrate that two reasonable people can vehemently disagree with each other and not maim each other. 

Unabashed conservative MCC teacher Boots Newkirk also encouraged debate and you could tell that he welcomed differing opinions into the conversation, even when he would systematically dismantle most arguments, usually with a history lesson or two thrown in.

Thanks for the post IQ, this is the first I have heard about CNN10. In these days of "fake news" it is irresponsible for any school system to indoctrinate students with newscasts. Not only CNN but any other news agency as well. Years ago when teachers discussed current events there was a basic agreement and a common thread that ran thru the reporting agencies on what actually took place regarding the news. Now days, the news has been hijacked, manipulated and twisted to meet political agendas.Teachers need to stick to the basics such as how the Government works and the  "true" history of the U.S. Private news agencies have an inherent bias. I trust no public school to present current events to students in this day and age. This can be proven with the current hammering the students receive regarding "climate change".   Parents should voice any objections they have ASAP even though it will probably do no good with the current strangle hold leftists have on education.

Basically, 6th graders are at the age of 11-12 years old. There is absolutely no valid reasoning to have them thinking and involving themselves in the political world yet at all to me, let them learn what's important, the basics of the three R's. I was age 10, 5th grade, when JFK was assassinated in 1963, a horrible time for the USA, and sad for kids as well. We were not indoctrinated to feel political one way or the other, but, simply to witness what a horrific event had occurred to us all, regardless of political party affiliations. Independent thinking is the only positive way to approach this subject, perhaps in high school age students. Teachers approaching this type of mannerisms of teaching our children, should find other work imho, and each school's principals should be overseeing that it doesn't happen at all.

I would also add that both religions and sexual persuasions also not be included in youngsters educations at such an early age, nor at all, unless it's religion in a private school type. All this can be independently thought out and decided much later in life, without some liberal teacher prodding and invading students' privacy for independence in thinking. Common Core Education seems to be the largest negative influence that makes this all possible these days imho.

Amen aquaman, on all points. Trump also wants to stop common core.


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