Last weekend, a protest called the Women's March on Washington took place at our nation's capital, a small group of women from our community took place in that event as described in our article Angels and the Devil.  The otherwise inclusive march decided to not include representatives from pro-life groups, they were disinvited.  They also exhibited a very anti-Trump message throughout, with speeches, signs and members decrying the president who had served less than a day at the march's commencement, punctuated by inflammatory rhetoric by celebrities advocating violent behavior, while nearby, riotous behavior was still taking place which had started the previous day. 

Mainstream media had celebrated the occasion leading up to and after the event.  One of the march's goals was to distract the media away from the president's inauguration, and that they did, as well as from the lawless rioting that had taken place in the city.  Locally, our hometown newspaper devoted a lot of column space to favorably depict the local women who were going to the march.  They devoted a lot more column space to revisit these women and ask them about their experiences in the article Awe, determination in wake of women’s march in this weekend's newspaper.

Yet, there was another march that took place this weekend, as it has over the course of many years since 1974, with a focus that seems at first glance to be consistent with the last week's march, but under scrutiny, was actually antithetical to it.  It's known as the March for Life.  The NY Times reports last week's march had an attendance of a half of a million, previous March for Life attendance has been estimated at 650,000, this year may have even been bigger. 

And yet, the media coverage for last year's March for Life when compared with this year's Women's March with arguably equal participation had over 129 times less media coverage by the big three networks news agents.  In our local newspaper, they didn't cover any person making a pilgrimage to this year's March for Life, nor have they done recently or will they in the future.  If they ever do it will be a muted AP article in the midweek 'religion page', not on page one and two as they did for the WMOW.

And if that article comes off the wire, it will likely have a headline and coverage like supposedly unbiased NPR's Anti-Abortion Rights, But Not Necessarily Pro-Trump At March For Life whose objective coverage includes:

Opponents of abortion rights are more likely to be Republican

Donald Trump was the anti-abortion rights presidential candidate

For many abortion-rights opponents, a Trump presidency...

She worked in a Planned Parenthood clinic before becoming an abortion-rights opponent

Trump might appoint Supreme Court justices who would oppose abortion rights.

Despite all of the marchers she talked with spoke of being pro-life, not against abortion rights.  In all the coverage I've looked over, I have not seen any of the March for Life crowd get unruly, nor have I heard any speaker speak stridently.  The messages were filled with hope and uplifting.  Vice President Mike Pence became the highest ranked public official to speak in person at the event, and while his speech and fellow newcomer, Kelly Ann Conway, gave speeches proclaiming faith and the promise of real human rights to come, perhaps the best speech of the day came from Senator Mia Love from Utah:

When one compares and contrasts the messages from the WMOW last week, with celebrities dropping F-bombs, contemplating blowing up the White House, reciting vulgar poetry, toting signs and wearing costumes that went beyond the realms of civil discourse to tout an ill-defined goal that seemed part anti-trump, part anti-men, part anti-Christian, part anti-intellectual, etc., you may find yourself coming to a conclusion that the media and celebrities are going out of their minds.

For surely, the fascists who believe there is only one clear way to view things is not rooted in the long-standing March for Life, or even Donald Trump, who despite his egotism, has shown himself capable of dealing responsibly with those who have other views.  It was shown in all of its glory in the Women's March on Washington, and their chroniclers in the mainstream media, touting an often infantile perspective of how we must think, including why we have no choice other than to be 'pro-choice', including how abortion is a right and not a violation of the rights of another living being, and including why every other bit of liberal/progressive dogma is somehow superior to its conservative counterpart.  

It appears that their message is one of fear, hatred, and ignorance, the same attributes they so easily assign to their opposition, but is belayed by the facts and the comparison of these two very different marches.

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When people march with no profanity, vulgarity, rioting, violence, and other insanity, they are not media publicized. Good for them, they have a voice too, and should continue to march for peace, change, and a better society. Glad they had their day too.

I have to admit that I looked in on the WMOW event for a little while eight days ago so as to be fair in my research and articles-- and a little bit out of morbid curiosity, like you would for slowing down and looking more than you should when passing the scene of a car wreck.  I lingered long enough to determine that it was just a well attended bitchfest, if you pardon the double meaning of that term. 

The March for Life featured speakers and marchers who were there primarily because they valued life, and hoped for civilized society to embrace that ethos.  Maybe that made it boring and repetitive to the media and the other 'tolerant' women who 'chose' not to allow the pro-lifers to participate in the other march. 

Human rights are rights for all humans, just like all lives matter.  Why must leftist movements always become divisive and patently unfair to achieve the stated goals of equality and equity?  That's a Socratic question, anybody want to tackle it?

Well said X. It's to bad Ludington has at least 40 of these mindless drones living among the citizens of Ludington. These are the same useful idiots that keep leftists ideals of a State controlled society at the forefront and who are backed up by liberal, anti common sense news agencies such as the LDN. I'm not saying all of the marchers were acting stupidly but anyone who would admit to walking side by side those vulgar feminists and who do not condemn what they did are only showing their true colors. If these local foolish women really cared about what is transpiring in Government today they might want to get informed and involved with the corrupt actions of local politicians but of course they probably would agree with how things are being managed by the current crop of officials. We got to Love Mia. Excellent speaker.

I agree Aquaman.

It was very revealing that the COLDNews follow-up article only had glowing commentary on what happened on the march on Washington.  There was no mention of Madonna, or for that matter any other celebrity (or non-celebrity) speeches, just the march which allowed "women to stand in solidarity for issues like women's rights, human rights, immigration and health care reform, protection of the environment and LGBTQ rights."  The COLDNews writer Brooke Kansier again left out the additional letters that the promoters added to LGBTQ, how insensitive for the 'I' and 'A' peeps, whatever they are.

But these local women are misguided.  Mason County saw Trump win 58% to 36% over Clinton, so saying that they're looking to stand in solidarity with women on these issues is a sham.  With a 22% disadvantage here, she assuredly didn't even win the women's vote if we consider that on a national scale that only 8% of Democratic women voted for Trump, but only 8% of Republican women voted for Hillary and the independents split. 

Therefore, since the two parties had mostly opposite views on how to handle the issues they mention, they are actually outside of what solidarity we have here. 

I will commend our local and vocal minority for their symbolic stance they took against the president our county, our state, and our nation elected, but fault them for any lack of cohesive relevancy to their efforts.  I look forward to seeing them wear their vagina outfits this Halloween if the stress of a Trump presidency allows them to survive that long.


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