By now, I am sure everyone has heard of "Claire 'the Bookgirl' Whitcomb." Really, a door to door sales person needs a permit in the City of Ludington and Scottville to sell their goods?  

I viewed her FB page, and it appears this young woman has had many happy customer's.  But, per the usual the naysayer's on MCP & LDN have ran this young woman into the ground!

Really, though does the Avon Lady or the Kirby vacuum salesman, etc...have to have a permit to sell door to door?  

Here's an idea; why don't the phone companies implement permits for all those soliciting, annoying telemarketers?     

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Does the Jehovah Witness solicitor's require permits to proselytize in the City of Ludington or Scottville?  Just curious, as such a big deal is being made regarding  "Claire 'the Bookgirl' Whitcomb."  

Really, aren't there more serious issues in people's lives?  Aren't there more serious isssues both in the City of Scottville and Ludington  people should be concerned about?  Seriously...

Geeze, "Claire 'the Bookgirl' Whitcomb" did not hold her prospective buyer's at gunpoint while attempting to sell her books to these people that are complaining.  Pepper spray???  Really, someone posted on LDN's  FB page they were contemplating using pepper spray!  Really, that is an assault!  Unbelievable! 

In my bubble world I have yet to hear or read about Claire. I would appreciate any information that I can read about Claire and her exploits.

Stand by, I was doing some research on this issue on Friday afternoon, got a response from the city clerk and hope to post it later on in the weekend.  Jasper beat me to the punch.

Here's the basics:

Sorry, I beat you to the punch.  

This is outside the realm of believable.  Really, pepper spray??  Looking forward to your findings from the City Clerk.  

Yeah, salesman can be very different when buying a car at a dealership!  It takes a special type of personality to do these jobs.  But, a young woman being attacked for selling books that by the way are in opposition to the 'Core Curriculum' area schools have implemented.  

Further, where is the city ordinance's for door to door sales people???

I'll be including that in my supplemental report on this woman and what has transpired.  I'm still working to finish off my take on the golf cart/ORV ordinances.

It's amazing what some people are saying about this woman-- she has staunch defenders and staunch adversaries with remarkable powers of seeing this woman as evil, the power of Claire-avoidance if you pardon the pun.

Another question do the Girl Scouts have permit's to sell cookies within the City Limit's of both Scottville and Ludington? What about all the fund-raiser's that the area schools push on their students to raise money selling pop-corn buckets, wrapping paper etc...Do these organizations require permits? 

Great question, Jasper.  On reading the City Code regarding such topics, you will find that kids qualify as persons and no exclusions are made for them, so when they go out to sell girl scout cookies or chocolate bars for the LASD, etc., they are nothing but solicitors and or peddlers whom need to be licensed and pay the city clerk their licensing and registration fee.

There is a process for revoking such a permit/license (sec. 10-105) all of which wasn't followed in this case.  More to come.

Ludington also needs to crack down on those law breaking lemonade stands. Society as we know it will end if the lemonade "pushers" are allowed to continue this behavior without the proper paperwork and strict adherence to the codes which are our only protection from these out of control juvenile delinquents. We certainly don't know anymore budding Capitalists.

Right, and let's not forget those rogue firewood sellers-- malcontents all.

She came to my house at 7:55 AM yes AM what sort of lunatic is not smart enough to walk thru a neighborhood and tell that not one person is up and making noise yet!!! My area of town is dead at that hour, either people are gone to work or getting ready for work or more than not still in bed. Retirees mostly, I told her I was not interested and that my kid is not the right age and she said wellaybe I have the wrong house, yet continued the speil and then when I repeated no interest she said well so and so down the road with 9th grade Sara purchased and I was like yeah right there is no Sara that age 'down the street!! Lies....I get selling but 9am(earliest -at the very latest 7:30 pm (unless someone was outside). Finally
Told her I had to go to the bathroom and locked the door and went to the bathroom, wash hands, face , toilet, brush teeth and hair. Only then did she finally leave the porch. Fake ID's are easy to forge and who knows what she could have had, outdated material, copyright infringed garbage etc...this is not the era of the door to door salesmen. We have Internet!

I enjoyed standing at the corner watching her get my other neighbor out of bed all scruffy with no shirt on surely hungover like a drunk (blind as a bat, can't see to drive and don't work). It is SO quiet here at that time that any sane person should know better than
To come a knockin'
Nobodies dogs were or had been even out yet for morning potty!


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