Dig deep people, the ACA will cost you more than expected, and, I'm not talking premiums.

What You Were Never Told About Obamacare

170px-Caduceus.svgWhile the costs of providing health care insurance are beginning to skyrocket because of Obamacare, insurance company executives are sleeping very soundly. A respected consultant to health insurance companies, Robert Laszewski, reveals that there are two obscure provisions in Obamacare that guarantee that insurance companies will be subsidized and bailed out by Amercian taxpayers. Indeed the Congressional Budget Office estimates that $1.071 trillion will be coercively transferred from taxpayers to big insurance companies over the next decade.

This massive redistribution of wealth will take place via two programs stealthily embedded in the Affordable Health Care Act. The first is the Reinsurance Program under which large claims are capped for insurers offering individual plans under Obamacare. Insurers pay for claims up to $45,000, while the Federal government picks up 80% of the costs exceeding $45,000 up to a maximum of $250,000. This means that Obamacare is a public-private insurance scheme and that we are already half-way to the “single-payer” insurance program that Obama and his left-wing cronies so keenly pine for. Needless to say, neither President Obama nor the establishment media have publicized this provision of Obamacare.

Obama and his media supporters have also scrupulously avoided public references to the Risk Corridor Program that limits total losses for insurance companies via a complex formula. Basically, under this provision, taxpayers would be on the hook for 75%-80% of an insurance company’s losses. The enormous taxpayer-funded subsidization of costs and socialization of losses will make Obamacare more palatable to insurance companies and the public at least for a while, since insurance companies will not need to raise their premiums as much as they would have if they were forced to bear the full burden of cost increases and the risk of huge losses. This may give this destructive program time to take root and wreak havoc with what quality remains in the American health care system. Should Obamacare become permanent, Americans as taxpayers and as consumers of medical services will spend many sleepless nights worrying about how they will pay their tax bills and where they will find quality medical care.

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This just keeps getting worse. It was already worse but we just didn't know about it. Wow.

My folks were at the Dr today, while there they overheard conversation regarding how some people going there have to first show up and then have their insurance companies contacted to give the ok for the treatment they are to get.... this policy is new, thanks of course to Obamacare. To me, that just seems to be a very big nuisance and completely unwarranted considering that how it was done before Jan 1st apparently worked well.

I think the Dr. has to check to be sure patients have coverage before they can be treated because of the confusion over Obamacare and whether a patient is really covered or not. I understand that many people who have signed up cannot get any verification from the Government or the insurance companies as to if they have medical coverage or not and what coverage they may actually have.

Every time I've had a procedure/test done, my doctors office has almost always called my insurance company to find out if it was covered and the percentage at which it was covered, this way they can tell me my copayment before hand. Only one doctor did not due this and I got a large bill for it, if I had known my charge ahead if time, I would of passed on the test. I believe checking before hand is a good policy, saves the patient of a shocking bill afterward.

Where is that retired teacher who was so outspokenly in favor of ACA? The one who insisted that those who have pensions and health care as part of retire benifits would not be affected? The one who said that there were no hidden costs in the huge manual. The one who started her own web page?

Wonder if those who believed this would not affect everyone negatively (except those who never worked) are now thinking twice about the added expense coming out of their pockets.

Just read on Yahoo that all of USA will (for those who qualify for "expanded" Medicaid) will have a lein put on all their assets as happens in MI already. In short entire estate will go to government, not heirs if qualify for expanded discounted "Medicaid" care.

You'll have to explain how that works, but I can envision where the new system will do almost anything to salvage itself.

A good health care program could have probably been written on less than 25 pages. When you have 2500, you know there is $hit in there they don't want you to see. And, they know full well that the politicians won't take time to read it, that's what their underlings are for, it takes away from their fund raising events and re-election process.

We all are learning, once they are elected, their main goal in the capital, is to stay in office. No more, no less.

In Michigan they already go back 7 (or 10) years for a persons "value" and if they had dispersed all their assets to others (like transfered title of home or bank accounts to children) there is a lien put those assets such as the home and expensive cars by Medicaid..not the nursing homes.  If a title has Mom, Dad, child on it the house is on lein and the state gets back 1/3 of that value when the house is sold if Dad is placed on Medicaid. IRA's and other investments are not exempt.

ACA will just expand on this for those who get discounted health care benefits I am sure.

The Obamacare website is still "100% insecure", what a FUBAR-ocracy:

And docile Republicans and Americans continue to sit on their hands and let this unravel. This is crazy.

I started taxes yesterday with one of the computer programs and it looks like those of us who get insurance from our workplace pay taxes on premiums the employer pay.  As Gomer Pyle would say.. SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!!!


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