Do you pay any form of Taxes Mr. Rotta? Do you have a job that pays you a salary everyweek or two

Just wondering and for clarification.

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X has requested FOIA's over a several year period. Some paperwork is bound to add up. Did you ever wonder how much it cost's the taxpayers for Holman to make extra copies to lay on her desk in order to make her point? Why don't you ask her how much that cost the tax payers because that would be the same cost X incurred for the information? If you want to know how much LDN spends on FOIA information just make a phone call. Finally you still have not told us what "extra. added" cost were charged to the taxpayers. What do you mean by "extra, added" costs?


I get the feeling you intend to overwhelm me with deflectionary comments and questions.

I agree paperwork is bound to add up. So is the extra labor and associated costs to the taxpayer!

I admit that I never wondered how much it cost the tax payers for Holman to make copies. How much do you think it cost? Maybe those copies Holman had stacked up at that meeting already existed solely because of the FOIA's. Or maybe Holman made them on her own time. Do you know? I am of the opinion that it would cost more to locate and review the FOIA'd documents in the first place than it would to make copies.

You first brought up the LDN! You said the LDN gets all their FOIA's for free. I only wanted to know if you can provide documented proof of that allegation.

The extra added costs are all those that include all the labor, materials, and legal advice that all of XLFD's FOIA's have incurred. I am a taxpayer and I am curious why all taxpayers should be so burdened by only one person's hobby?


I really don't know how to convince you that all information the City possesses belongs to us, me, you, everyone.  Again "it belongs to us". Is there any question about that? Now can you or anyone truly rationalize why we should have to fill out legal forms, have the forms reviewed by an attorney then pay for the attorney and the information we requested. If you or any of you say "that's the way it is" I'm going to pop a gasket. That means you've been completely brainwashed by the Government that works for you. Regarding the LDN, If you want to know how much LDN pays for FOIA information then just call them. I'm not doing it for you. Also, how can you say that someone who puts themselves on the line trying to find the truth from bureaucrats as indulging in a "hobby"? He's gathering information to find the truth about what local politicians are up to and he's doing it for you and all of us at great cost to his own well being. I'm sorry but it's hard to understand your way of thinking. I guess it's the libertarian in me.


Would you be upset with the City if they added unreasonable (and illegal) costs to FOIA requests or if the City would not comply with requests against the dictates and precedents of FOIA law?  Or are you just concerned for the 'rights' of the City to deny requests and overcharge for requests?  If you look in the archives, you can find plenty of examples. 

I would invite you or the City to find any frivolous request I have made that I haven't used for the intent to research an article for publication on the web.

Whenit comes down to it you don't have to justify to anyone why you want the requests/info because it is your(anyones) right to have it for a frivolous reason if they want, not a privilege.

One thing I tell my kid, NEVER give anyone an excuse or explanation for anything, you owe nothing to anyone. That even applies to Mr. Shilling, he did not owe the police one word.


Well said and thank God someone understands what real "freedom of information" means. When I hear people making excuses for Governments tightfisted  hold on our information I just shake my head and wonder what in the he_l is wrong with them. And the more people that consider it OK for Government to act in this  manner the easier it is for our freedoms slip away and that is exactly what is happening.


The information is already there, but it takes time to retrieve and compile all the information for the FOIA requests. It does add man hours. But there are number of things that could be happening, 1) the staff at city hall doesn't have enough work to keep them busy for their shifts - so looking for the information is absorbed into their day. 2) The staff is busy and all this compiling of information is interfering with their other duties - which might cause delays in other areas or the city is paying overtime so that all work gets done on time. 


Wouldn't "compiling" public information for distribution to the public  be part of a City Hall office workers job? Part of all CIty workers jobs is to distribute information whenever the public requests it. Please people, don't forget, this is our information. This FOIA business has been so ingrained into our brains that we are actually beginning to consider the fact that it's OK for Government agencies to hold this information hostage until we jump thru a series of hoops including their money hoop and to many of us feel we don't have a right to it until the hoop dance is performed. All public information should flow freely without restrictions. The only exception should be in cases of National Security.

CLFD, using terms like 'disgruntled citizen' and 'personal vendetta' and then printing out a real name (weren't you just complaining about your own anonymity?) about a fellow member is treading on dangerous ground when you offer no support of any disgruntlement, vendetta, or reason to use the name.  You then claim something about playing big fish...

Maybe your worst fear has been realized and you have become Aquaman, LOL.


I will take your response as a warning that I am treading on thin water with you in your forum already, and I will be more careful in the future. Thank you for your response. It is a great example.

Great example of...?

Please, CLFD, argue your points of personal vendettas or disgruntlement. 

A great example of a warning!

I did not come here to argue because agruing doesn't get anyone anywhere. Questions and Answers does. I thought I already presented my questions about the alleged thousands of dollars your FOIA's have cost taxpayers. I came here for answers.


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