Do you pay any form of Taxes Mr. Rotta? Do you have a job that pays you a salary everyweek or two

Just wondering and for clarification.

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Well, then you're just name-calling and making unwarranted accusations, CLFD.  Shame on you.

Treading on thin water?  You are so definitely turning into Aquaman.  No offense, Aquaman...

No offense taken, but, I am lost about what's the do bout me now. Anyhow, if new members would just READ, READ back into our archives, all these questions have been answered many times already. People like to come on here new, and then point and criticize, when they don't know the facts previously presented and talked about many times before, again, quit being lazy, READ! Lot's of loose canons on the deck wastes all our precious time. CLFD, that means YOU TOO! Btw, why don't you ask Shay why he ALWAYS has City Clerk Luskin researching ALL of X's FOIA's? The most expensive employee at city hall, not the least expensive, which is exactly what the FOIA laws state is to be done. Why does city hall reply to simple requests for specific info. with volumes of vast quantities of paperwork? Instead of a few pages being scanned and emailed as any competent person would do nowadays.  My family pays well over $30K in local taxes here, and I for one, am proud that someone has the guts and time to pursue the injustices and corruption being covered up here regularly for many years, and that perhaps, some future justice to correct this may happen, and that the people gaining and benefiting from it, will be exposed and brought to legal justice as well. I guess what CLFD would prefer is that ALL of us bury our heads in the sand and ask not, do nothing, and be sheeple to be led to slaughter. You remind me of the Chief of the LFD I talked to recently, he is so steamed up and upset with exposure of truths, wearing LFD t-shirts, and being brainwashed, that he has lost sight of who he is representing and what he's supposed to stand for, and he's having a stroke over it verbally to boot, shameful and infantile. READ and RATIONALIZE like an adult, not some 10 year old.


Nice book but somewhat confusing due to your rambling style of writing. Might pass the grade in Speech 101 daily journal assignments though. Maybe you could try to publish your thoughts more coherently for the benefit of all who read this forum?

I am not going to waste my own time going back through hundreds of pages of archives. It sounds like you want open government and the LDN to provide information up front but then expect new members here to waste hours, days, or weeks going back and reading archives that some of you already have knowledge about. Its much easier to ask a question or two and hope that some of you with 'knowledge' will politely provide the answers.

I think the T-Shirt business detracts from both points of view.

CLFD, here's a short story for you.  You come on here saying that I am disgruntled and have personal vendettas, and that there is nothing at all bad going down at Ludington City Hall.  That I'm wasting everyone's time and money with checking up on the government. 

Yet you don't want to look at the record.  How genuine is that of you?  I am sooo sorry we have so much of a wealth of information here about the City and County officials of this area behaving badly that you can't read any of our archives and comment thereon.  Don't be ashamed, other nameless folks have come on here in the past, and did much the same as you.


Please show me where I ever said "nothing at all bad going down at Ludington City Hall", because it is not true.

I apologize to you for my "disgruntled" and "personal vendettas" comments. In retrospect, I probably could have said "appears to be" in front of those comments, but that probably still wouldn't appease you. So to avoid any misunderstanding or hurt feeling in the future I will just keep those types of beliefs to myself.

No I am NOT going to waste days of my time going back through your entire archives. I have read some, so don't be saying that I "can't read any of (your) archives and comment thereon". If you feel the archived information is so important for all to read then you might consider making it easier for everyone new to find information here.

From what few archives I have gone through it appears to be a common tactic to tell other citizens to "GO BACK AND READ THE ARCHIVES". I think that is rude. It is your forum and your information, so why not try to be a little kinder and provide factual answers to questions.

Come on Sir, its your ballpark. How the game here is played depends much upon you.

I will generally refer to threads and provide a link when it is relevant to what's being discussed.  The Ludington Torch has an excellent feature at the top right where you can enter a keyword or so and be teleported to whatever may interest you in our hundreds of pages.  If you haven't gave it a try yet, you should.  If I had more time, I would try to organize the archives a little better, but there is no great "archive editor" application for the site that I know of. 

I apologize for any brusqueness you may have inferred, but when you ask general questions that have many answers in our archives that beats me having to repeat myself or go through and put up links that may or may not be in your area of special interest; only you know that. 

Also, when you use the word "disgruntled" that refers to someone who is discontent, or in a bad humor.  Humor is something I swear I have kept, and I am very content with my life, my health, and my relationships, etc.  I am also content in knowing that I am making a positive difference in the community, even if not everyone agrees with that.  I consider what they represent. 

AS a frequenter user of many types of forums on various topic you should know....

IN case you are new to using forums(which I am rather sure you are by your above comment) it is important for you to know that one of the main rules, guidelines, standards, Standard Operating Procedure,(there that fits well enough) on ANY forum is for new people to use the archives and older threads to find the answer before asking a question/posting. Newbs or Newbies, meaning, people new to a forum, whether it be about dogs, cats, kids, or politics or any other numerous topics, are not only requested, but expected to research through older threads and archives to find answers to there questions before posting a question or thread. It is very difficult for members on any forum to repeat old information ad infinitum every time a new member appears and repeats already answered topics/questions.

I suggest googling   <topic you like forums> and getting some experience in the way most forums work. You will find I am correct about the new people being expected to do there own research before commenting.

And the longer a forum has been around the bigger the archives, but like X said, there is not an application available for NING  that we know of to archive things in a better way, using the search function, is your best option at this point.

I know this seems unlikely , but, I totally agree with Willy here. The info for the vast quantity of FOIA requests is already ON FILE. It's the law that you have a right to see it if so requested--so why the big stink....? Could they be hiding the FACT that the City SEEMS to be quite inept at most things...? These "workers" are not the ones out emptying trash,mowing parks and cemetaries or fixing water mains. they are not on their feet all day. They sit in a modern air conditioned  office building entering data,talking to each other,answering phones and yes, maintaining files. They are vastly underworked and overpaid(as is ALL administration is in all walks of life) with weekends off,holidays paid and better health coverage than the public they "serve" in general. In summation , they are lucky to have these jobs and should be more affable and kinder to the general public. PERIOD.

Snide said:  "It's the law that you have a right to see it if so requested--so why the big stink....? Could they be hiding the FACT that the City SEEMS to be quite inept at most things...?" 

Ineptness has been a factor, I have seen that with DDA-related requests, and the lack of competitive bidding in almost every aspect, but I dare say that they want to keep many of the records I have asked for to remain secret.  The archives show that unethical and illegal conduct has been uncovered, and they would have remained uncovered, if Jeff Evans and Paul S. Peterson's COLDNews had its way.  This is what Kaye Holman resents deeply, that everyone is finding out what sort of public body the City of Ludington is.


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