I read in the LDN that Kevin Costner was denied passage on the Badger because there was no room for his bus due to the wind turbine parts taking up all the space.

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Boy did the Ludingtons carferry service drop the ball on this one. They had a chance to have an internationally famous person enjoy the service they offer who then would talk about what a pleasant experience he had to people he may encounter all over the World. Instead they thought these damned wind turbines were more important and they needed to hurriedly be delivered to Michigan so they could be shoved up our a_ses. This could have been a propaganda coup for the ferry and could potentially have gained a famous ally to speak on their behalf. What were they thinking? It's time for the ferry to hire someone who has some savvy regarding PR because as it stands now the person in charge just doesn't get it.

I sense a movie coming from Kevin:

That's funny

Not too mention a follow up to Dances With Wolves

It's obvious the ball was dropped, the big picture was either not seen or just ignored, and the policies or procedures take precedence over common sense and business savvy. Hey Kevin, hope you try try again, it's worth the effort. Another sad episode of not being able to fix Stupid!

I think you used the pun 'big picture' without even intending to do so, Aquaman.  Costner recently got through filming The Hatfields and McCoys miniseries featuring perhaps the most well-known feud in American history, so let's hope he didn't learn to hold a grudge; or if he does, he takes it out on the devious wind industry. 

X. That badger poster is Hilarious

There's a certain irony in this case, wherein the Badger (a supposedly evil, fossil fuel burner and polluter of the lakes) is carrying wind turbine parts (our supposedly good, green energy salvation).  This leads to the denial of alleged pro-environment star, Kevin Costner, from using the alleged anti-environment SS Badger.  But I noticed in doing some extra research, that there are some anti-Badger PSAs out there such as this one:


why dont we look at this from a different view? what it was just a bunch of semis on the Badgers trying to save $ on fuel and not wind turbines?  Would you guys feel the same way?  Just because this guy is a famous - or use to be famous - movie star doesn't mean he should get special treatment.  His camp knew for a while now that they were going to be in Wisconsin and then needed to get to Michigan - why didn't they book his spot on the carferry when they booked his band for these concerts he was at or needed to get to?  Who cares if it was turbines, or cars or semis taking up room on the Badger that didn't allow him to get on.  The point here is PLAN ACCORDINGLY!!! no matter who you are


I think you missed my point or maybe I didn't state my opinion clearly. The Badger is fighting for it's existence and as it stands this will be it's last year in operation unless they can find a way to eliminate the coal residue from falling into the Lake. Right now they do not have an economical way to do this and so it would appear they will need more time to make changes. Having famous people who could stand up for the Badger would be a big help and Costner or any other famous persons could be an asset in helping the Badger accomplish it's goals. This isn't about letting someone cut in line for a ferry ride. It's about using every tool in the book, including endorsements from influential people to help with their cause. So  turning down a "famous" persons request to use your services was not a wise move.

Pretty well said Willy, though Angela does have a point too. Trouble is, both parties, Costner and the Badger "missed the boat" imho. That opportunity probably will never come again either.

I can't help but think that the Badger is jinxed this year.  Getting stuck in Manitowoc Harbor, two recent problems with maintenance causing them to cancel a couple crossings in the las week, having prominent IL Senator Dick Durbin come out strongly against it, now Lduingtons own paper reports on the LMC snubbing the Postman, etc. 

Most of the sources I see here in Illinois are rallying against allowing the Badger to survive and you know Muskegon and Milwaukee aren't sympathetic.  The two port cities for the Lake Express.  I doubt the EPA will grant that permit they applied for. 


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