Less than a week after Donald Trump pulled off a surprisingly easy victory over his challenger in the presidential race, USA Today announced that the Michigan-based Kellogg's Cereal company was planning on introducing a new variation on an old classic.  It seems many people were adding cinnamon to their Frosted Flakes so as to make it taste even better than just the sugar-iced maize patties that came out of the box.  Kellogg's took the cue and added it to the sugar in the glaze over each flake.

This normally would not elicit much interest, but then it came time to do the usual marketing of the product, and whoever decided on their strategy seems to have gotten his inspiration from Donald Trump winning the presidential election, albeit the effect is rather subliminal.   Maybe they went subliminal so that the  anti-Trump protesters, mainstream media, and celebrities wouldn't boycott their product.  Maybe it's just my fancy that there's more than just coincidence taking place in the ad.  Here's the quarter of a minute video called "Victory" airing shortly after the product's announcement in November: 

Voiceover:  Cinnamon fans!  Your date with destiny has arrived

Tony:  Let's do this!

Voiceover:  New Cinnamon Frosted Flakes are finally here, so eat cinnamon and the frosted crunch you love.

Tony:  Well...?

Dad:  Tastes like victory, T.  Tastes like victory!

Tony:  They're Gr-r-reat. 

Let's start our analysis from the top.  The title of "Victory" for a simple dining room taste test seems a bit over the top, until you consider the fake-orange haired father looking intense-- doesn't it kind of remind you of somebody who was roaring from his own victory?

Like Trumpfans everywhere, Tony says "let's do this!" after it mentions the 'date of destiny' has arrived.  Could that date have been November 9th?   The announcer then tells us the arrival of the product we've been waiting for has finally arrived, that product may seem like the subtle mix of cinnamon-sugar and corn flakes in the ad, but could it not also be the subtle mix of conservative-stands and corny-populism in the Donald's message?

And when Tony asks for a verdict, the Trumped-up dad replies:  "Taste's like victory, T".  Not "Tony", but 'T', what other orange and white furred person has a 'T' at the top of their last name, and who can't stand the sour taste of defeat?  An electoral college landslide does indeed taste like victory.  And let's not overlook the number '10' on the jersey he wears.  Trump has a 10 point plan to put America First and let's not forget his 10 point action plan in his Contract with the American Voter revealed in Gettysburg (a place of victory) in October (the 10th month). 

Lastly, the animated cereal spokesman yells "They're Gr-r-reat" with a background telling us to let your gr-r-reat out.  How can we not confuse this with Trump's iconic slogan "Make American Gr-r-reat Again."  Without the extra r's.  Since Tony the Tiger couldn't wear the red baseball cap with that slogan on it without controversy arising, they slid it down to make it look like a red neckerchief.  Reminds one of all those red states covering America on election night, when some flaky corn-orange guy frosted the pollsters and pundits in eking out a victory.

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Interesting that about the time Kellogg's came out with this new commercial they also announced that they were suspending advertising on Breitbart News along with other clueless liberal advertisers.

Breitbart's response... http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/12/31/kelloggs-values-...

The article you post notes that the Kellogg foundation, has been supportive of far left causes for awhile, quite a ways apart from its puritan founder's values.  It's been a lot like the foundation started by the founder of K-Mart, the Kresge Foundation.  You might remember they footed a lot of the bill for getting our county those new master plans based on smart growth, climate change, and other Agenda 21 inspired nonsense.  As the article points out:

"In June of 1930, Will Kellogg also founded the non-profit W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which has grown into the seventh-largest philanthropic foundation in the United States.

In recent years, the foundation has embraced some of the most extreme elements of left-wing partisan politics, with close ties to radical anti-American billionaire George Soros. In its push for a far-left political agenda, the foundation has given major donations to Soros’ Open Society Institute, as well as his Tides Center.

Last November, Kellogg announced that it would no longer advertise on the Breitbart News site, kowtowing to what the New York Post called “a concerted effort on social media that calls on companies to cease advertising on the site.”

GR-R-Reat analysis X. I think your on to something here and I think Kellogg's has a winner on their hands in the form of a new taste for Frosted Flakes. Since the Kellogg Foundation is so socially radical I wonder how this will conflict with the head honchos at the Foundation and at the Kellogg Corporate office?

Interesting article shinblind.

Loved the commercial. I originally thought that it was a bit of a stretch to think that this is a form of subliminal message, but the way you described the details, I am starting to think otherwise. You never know where the political agenda is going to lead....right into our cereal bowls this time. You will eat it, AND YOU WILL LIKE IT !

I seen the commercial as one of those ads played before one of those online you-tube videos, in my mind I knew the Kellogg's Foundation was a left-leaning enterprise, and I associated the fake orange-haired dad with Donald Trump.  When the commercial ended, I had to look it over again a couple of times to be sure whether it was a criticism of 'T', or what my first impression was, some sneaky advertising executives sending out a basically pro-Trump piece. 

I'm thinking it's more towards the latter, and a good bit of marketing since you'd think more people would get the connections of symbols and themes and link it the way I did.  But to my knowledge, I was the first to recognize those things and publish it on the internet a couple of months after it first aired. 


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