Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola Running Unopposed

Seriously? IMHO Spaniola is incompetent! Unbelievable nobody else stepped up to run against him, especially due to the fact he is running as a democrat! Sad sorry state of affairs all these people running for office are unopposed.

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How true Jasper, cant believe nobody from the 4th  ward didn't run against little Napoleon. He spearheaded the rental take over for the city . What could ever go wrong with a attorney from Illinois ?

These unopposed people are touting on their resume's how many years of service they give to their post, while the fact remains unknown 99% of the time, that they ran unopposed by anybody. It's simply a given that someone, any attorney, should have run, at least for the sake of seeing if people were truly happy with the incumbent in the prosecutor's office. As for the ward races, it also stinks, and I think the deadline is April 26th for turning in that petition for the 4th ward with signatures as required. The deadline for picking up the petitions was April 19th, so there is a chance yet for that petitioner to get it in timely last I knew. Sadly, we are going to have to live with another re-run of the last 4 years because people talk the talk, but don't act and walk the walk.

The reason I believe there seems to be apathy among local attorneys for running for this office, which pays over $100,000 in salary, is that most of the self-respecting attorneys have relocated out of the area coincident with the reputation our county's circuit court has attained for being unduly friendly to the prosecutors through the era of Judge Cooper and the continuance of that with our former-prosecutor, current circuit judge, Susan Sniegowski. 

Spaniola appeases the tough-on-crime segment of our population who are seemingly in the majority, thanks to our other media's reluctance to comment unfavorably on any of their practices.  Still it's a shame no others come forward from the Republican side-- but look at what happened in the Fourth and Fifth Ward of Ludington.  Two progressives active in placing the RIO and other restrictive and/or expensive policies on us and looking the other way at ethics violations have been given four more years without even a fight. 

Is it any wonder these incumbents are so cocky and arrogant? They can assuredly afford to be, because our local Sheeple don't oppose them when the hammer is down to run for office. It wasn't like this many years ago, good people came forward and did their respectful duty to the city. Now, people just don't give a Damn I guess, until and unless, they are getting beat up at their property or rights and freedoms. Then they squawk, but fall short again on the actions of going after the crooks at the ballot box. Pitiful. I pity the fools, to a degree anyhow.

And taxpayer's not only pay Spaniola but the two assistant prosecutor's. Why the need for two assistant's? Oh that's right Spaniola couldn't handle the case load! Spaniola could not even handle the baby Kate case, and requested assistance from the MI attorney general's office!


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