Paramilitary Thugs Steal Private Arms Collection = ridiculous

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True homeland security may have it's place, but this is RIDICULOUS indeed! And shows what it's leading to. piece by piece, day by day.
What is "true" homeland security? It is The People, and have always been "The People". I can't believe that here in America we have gotten to the place where so many Constitutional Rights would be so openly violated and "justified" by society. Then again, Konnecticut is one of those Komuneist States.

Thomas Jefferson said that "the beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it away".

It is only a matter of time before the rest of the Bill of Rights is taken away in the name of security.
Max, never heard that TJ quote before; thanks for the wisdom. Some of the freedoms we hold dear cannot survive long in a socialistic state.
It's the Zouper types that are making their low road agenda become more and more accepted everyday out here. They push and push, and most don't look or hear, and the ones that do, don't speak or rock their boat. Apathy, sorry I'm too busy with my own life and toys. So, they continue to unravel and expunge our rights and freedoms daily. Until zomeday we wake up and find we are living in the USSR, not America. JMO Thanks for the Jefferson message, still ringing loud and true as ever today Max.


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