The City of Scottville once again proves that it's ran by a bunch of self-serving idiots out to score as much revenue they can get even if they need to bend the rules to do so.  While more Michigan communities observe 'No Mow May', where grass and weeds are allowed to grow unchecked during the month to help out our friendly pollinators, Scottville's police force made up of one person, Sergeant Katrina Skinner, is out measuring your grass to see whether it's above six inches.  If it is, she may leave you a warning, but the warning is much like the current city commission, based on lies.

The MCC School District and West Shore Community College is paying Scottville for police presence during the school/college day, enough to cover much of Skinner's salary, but on Tuesday, she was at neither in the early afternoon hours and instead handing out red violation notices to some residents with tall grass in their yard.  A home security system caught her delivering one to a house in Scottville's city limits as seen below in this still picture, note the time and date stamp:

The warning delivered is shown below, you can see it has Tuesday's date, mentions a violation of the International Property Maintenance Code, section 302.4, it gives the owner a seven day notice to correct the problem of having tall grass:

Reasonable people would presume that they would have seven days to correct the problem by mowing the grass, being that the City would be able to drop by on May 31st to check compliance and have the yard mowed thereafter, as per the IPMC mentioned and relevant sections of the Scottville code 90-20 to 90-24, where 90-23 allows for at least five days to abate the nuisance; seven days was given here, effectively five business days.  That's the law passed by the city commission, Scottville officials must follow it.

So imagine the surprise of this taxpayer when they found their lawn mowed just two days after the notice, on Thursday, May 25th by city contractors.  This ain't cheap, it costs $1.50 per square foot which goes towards the contractor mainly, then an additional 25% administrative fee is added onto it which goes to city hall to fund them towards doing this theft against other taxpayers.  

Our victim took his ticket into city hall to object to the violation of his yard, and it was definitely a violation.  A garden in the backyard freshly planted was mowed down with only one tomato plant surviving the blade. 

The victim felt personally violated beyond that because these agents of the local government entered onto their property unlawfully, depriving him of his basic Fourth Amendment rights to be secure in his home and his property, and the prospect of seeing a charge come in the mail that would deprive them of even more of their property, totally unlawfully because the City of Scottville failed to live by their 7-day warning.  

Officer Skinner was at city hall when the resident came in to complain about his rights being violated by the city's actions, presenting them the ticket which said it was a seven day notice.  He would ask the officer about the notice and why they came and mowed in two days, she was dismissive of his question.  None of the other city hall officials present, including City Manager Jimmy Newkirk would humor his concerns and answer his questions about why this happened.  This is all on video.

City hall officials violated his rights and they will charge him the big bucks to pay for their gigantic mistake, believing he won't fight this uncalled for violation of his rights under the law, rights guaranteed by the Constitution.  Additionally, it is unclear why his neighbor, whose grass is as tall as his was, was given a pass against being ticketed too, so was this person singled out and treated differently because he was not a fan of Officer Skinner from previous contacts.  

The victim of this government malfeasance was able to determine that at least 14 other lawns were mowed this week by orders of city leaders, and it is highly likely that they never received seven days to correct the problem themselves.  Victims of Scottville's oppressive government need to rise up and demand damages from the City's lawlessness, where city officers are waging an economic war against the good people of Scottville who pay their taxes and just want their city government to follow the rules that govern every citizen and otherwise leave them alone.  We will be reviewing the city's tall grass violation notices and billings through public records requests to find out how widespread this issue is.  

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Scittville should start renting out sheep and cattle in order to keep the weeds and grass at bay. Who knows if Scottville continues on their path of self destruction there may only be vacant buildings and tall weeds left. If I were a citizen of Scottville, I would be more concerned as to why Scottville has adopted the International property Maintenance Code.

The International Codes were adopted in conjunction with Agenda 21 and it's long reach into personal freedoms. The Lefists slipped this one by the American public who had trust in the existing "National Codes" at the time. What do we have in common with other countries when it comes to code enforcement? Nothing. Each country is unique in their own way in which they apply construction and maintenance code. Again we have been sold out by those who want America's sovereignty dismantled. The fact that  the small burb of Scottville is being influenced by international thinking, ideas and propaganda is very disturbing.

In 1972, BOCA, SBCCI, and ICBO created the Council of American Building Officials (CABO) to prepare a national building code for residential construction.[4] CABO's One and Two Family Dwelling Code was adopted by only a handful of U.S. jurisdictions; the rest preferred to stick with the regional building codes.[4] In 1994, BOCA, SBCCI, and ICBO merged to form the International Code Council (ICC) in order to develop a comprehensive set of building codes that would have no regional limitations: the International Codes (or I-Codes).[4] There were several free trade developments that led to the founding of ICC: the ratification of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the formation of the European Union, and the EU's efforts to unify standards for building design, construction, and materials across the European Single Market (the Eurocodes).[5] All these developments caused American construction professionals and manufacturers to push for a nationwide building code in the United States, so that they would not need to waste so much time and money complying with different provisions of the regional codes and could instead focus on compliance with other countries' building codes in order to compete internationally for construction projects.[5]

The word international attached to anything enforced in America is a red flag to me that somewhere somebody sold out our sovereignty in order to advance an agenda not in America's best interests.  Thanks for the additional material showing that such reasoning is sound and very likely in this case.

Has anyone figured out what a Scottville citizen would be charged a $1.50 per square foot ?  If your lot was let's say 50x 130 that would be 6500 sq.feet. hope they subtract the house and garage .  If you subtract the average house & garage 1500 sq. feet  that's $7500  plus 25 . per cent = $9375. or a heart attack.  Hope that guy doesn't own a gun.

I used the figure given by the homeowner, but I think it's more along the line of frontage, so a 60 ft. wide lot would be charged about $90.  It's funny, but when I talked with City Manager Jimmy Newkirk the other day, he was more concerned with the perception that their one police officer had her salary paid in full by WSCC and MCC, not that they are charging exorbitant fees for finding your tall grass and cutting it two days later by whatever charging method they use.  


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