The sheriff was talking about how his department is dealing with the stay at home orders and how he thinks that some of the order is overreaching. I didn't see the video on YouTube yet but will probably be on there soon.. if someone finds the video feel free to share it here in the comments

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I found the Fox interview but it was messed up so I deleted it. I will keep looking. Below is a video from The Scoop which is and interview of Cole by MCP.

The link below will take you to that interview.  Sheriff Cole stated that you could ride an ORV on trails under der fuhrer's orders; under broad interpretation of the orders, which is inherent in every executive order, you can't.  Frau Gretchen said you can't ride motorcycles even if you are using it to get to your essential workplace, why would she deem to go so low as to say you can ride an ATV for fun, on trails in her state, no less?

Thanks X but for some reason it will not open for me. I had trouble with the Fox's video on YouTube and now it seems to have disappeared. I'll keep trying to view this one.

Try this one on one of my surprisingly favorite websites PoliceOne

Worked great X. Thanks


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