While poking around the unanswered questions Milks case I came across this. 

The city of Manistee Rental Inspection Services.
"On July 7, 2015 the rental inspection program was turned over to the Spicer Group who assumed responsibility for the program."


Should Ludington also use Spicer Group for the rental inspections? Is it cost effective? Would be interesting to find out.


Check out the "about us" heading. Looks like a fun group if nothing else.

I see they do a lot of other work for Manistee, Digester rehab, Sludge pump replacement. Does anyone remember this firm doing any biding in Ludington? I don't. I wonder why?

Should Ludington's rental inspector be worried about his future employment?

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Spicergroup is a jack of all trades company. I may have missed it but I did not see any reference to rental inspections on their web page.

The timing of the Spicer Group getting the Manistee RI's came early in the year that Ludington adopted RI's themselves with Richard Wilson's urgings, and I noticed that as a main point in one of my public comments back then in September 2015.  Shortly after that I also noticed it in the snippet below.  I figure if the Spicer Group isn't hired at the end of this year, we will probably get three more years of Tom Fulker.


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