What most folks don't know about the new health bill fiasco

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Quite revealing RJE, La Razza is becoming ever more known these days, the more people know, the more they will have to disagree with them. The more people know about what is really in that health bill, the more chance for repeal, and it's crap like freebies for illegals that stinks to the high heavens. Thanks for the heads-up.
For most it would be hard to believe why anybody who cares for the ideals of this country would not object strongly to this health care legislation. Health care for future votes. The Democratic Party is trying to expand its base, but is it going to be at the expense of the rest of us?
This is "dirty journalism" as compared to what, clean journalism? I suppose you believe everything you see or hear on PBS becuase they use a CocoMSU approved format. All the news must be looked at in a skeptical manner. They all have slanted viewpoints. The information I posted is something that I believe to be true no matter how it was presented. The Democrats have lied, cheated, bribed, coerced and demonstrated that they cannot be trusted regarding the health care bill and for that matter almost anything. If you want to convince folks that the report is in error then post something other than your opinion on what constitutes "icky" journalism.
I'm the one who said "The Democrats dIrty little secret". Not the article. And your going to believe Senator Menendez? A Democrat who slithered into Washington with the agenda to open the flood gates to illegals and who approved, while sleazing in the halls of Congress with other snake like creatures, a financially impossible and illegal health care bill. If you do then I have a lighthouse for sale. Intersted?
I have to agree w/ coco on this one. Although I would like to believe the blog rje posted.

Because, I heard from my friends cousins brothers uncles grandpa who was there that xyz happened doesn't really make it true.

Even from one person to the next, AND even when it is trackable through forum posts(see CO thread for example), people still screw up every story or thing they hear when they retell it. People add their own spin to it.

My mother was/is NOTORIOUS for this, she said it made the story more "colorful". as is one of my coworkers, He can read the same article as me in the LDN and come to work the next day with a COMPLETELY different story of what it was about or what happened.

But again, it wouldn't surprise me if this were true, I just want to hear it from a credible source, or someone who isn't credible but will stand up and say "hey, I said that and it's true because".
I like that Sheila, colorful, as in colorful characters too. There are people out there that can spin some great tales alright, esp. around Ludville, and other small bergs. Brings them attention they want and desire to be a great gossip with inside knowledge. I don't think that's the case here though. It's obvious from this and many more recent reports, that the Dems. have a big agenda here, to get those illegal latino voters registered in their camp for the future, to tip the scales in their favor, and to do it they need some serious bait, that being free gov't. services in any shape or form they can offer. One of the oldest and most primitive baits used, I'll give you something free, just do this for me. Common and totally unethical, but as we see, they are making it legal too.
When Obama speaks do you believe what he is saying? It's easier to believe your friends cousins brothers uncles grandpa than our own President. What would you consider reliable reporting from any of the news agencies? Everyone of them has lied, stretched the truth or never divulged the real story on many issues. Do you believe that the Tea Party consist of a bunch of racial radicals like the main stream media would have us believe? It all boils down to what seems plausible and credible. Just like Coco wants to ask a Senator, who is biased and who is trying to promote one ethnic group over another, what the truth is. He is, by his own actions and words a racist. I have heard him talk about "his people" and not once did he refer to "American citizens". Who in God's green earth is going to believe a word that will come out of his mouth.


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