The Rest of the Story: Suspicious Driver Launches Hunt for Former City Truck

The Incomplete Story

Early on August 18th, the Mason County Press posted a story about a weird incident where a couple of teenage sisters felt creeped out by a man who drove by in a truck and initiated a conversation, calling one 'cute'.  The man drove by once again, possibly taking pictures of the youngsters, and reportedly went to their door and knocked after they went inside.  The girls called the police, but the man left the Loomis Street location before they arrived.

Nothing additional was noted or updated about this incident until the morning of August 20, when the LPD asked for help on their Facebook page from the community in identifying the truck and indirectly the driver, incompletely recanting the MCP narrative of what happened on the 17th, saying the white male driver was watching the two women.  Though admitting no crime was suspected of being committed, they expressed an interest in talking with the driver and learning of his background and intentions:

Less than an hour later, they notified the public that the truck and driver had been identified and spoken to.  No additional information was forthcoming from the police or the media.  People on various social media sites wanted more information for a variety of reasons.  They may have wondered whether their children were safe; they may have wondered why the police used this method when there was no crime; they may have wondered what the overall disposition of the situation was; they may have wondered whether this person represented a threat to them or someone they love.  This article will try to answer some of those questions and more.

The Rest of the Story

Often the Ludington Torch will freely share the full police report for the reader's reference, but due to both complainants being minors (the ages of the women involved were 17 [not 19]and 16) who were brought into the situation through no fault of their own, their names will not be publicly shared here.  There are no additional sources of information other than the report for the rest of the story, but we are always receptive if more information comes to light.

LPD's Austin Morris responded at 7:26 PM to the call, taking just a couple of minutes en route.  The 16 y.o. who called had said she was outside cutting the grass when a man in a blue pickup drove by and said she was cute.  She walked away towards the house and her sister.  Shortly, the truck came back and the driver watched the girls, perhaps took some pictures before the women went inside.  The man went up to the door and knocked, which is when they dialed 911.  An adult woman present took a picture of the vehicle, but none present could describe the man other than him being a white male.  

Officer Morris then notes that he sat in the area for a little while, drove around the area looking for the truck in question, but had no sightings.  He closed the complaint at that point.

The next day, however, at 7:05 PM, the light blue truck returned to the same location and was reported again to 911 by the 16 y.o. woman.  She was able to see him better as he drove by, describing him as having a thin build, dark hair, and sporting a short, dark beard.  The driver had parked not too far away in the 400 block of E. Loomis on the same side of the road as the complainant, before driving off.  Officer Morris noted his arrival was delayed by four minutes because of dispatch.  Neither the homeowner or the neighbors knew anything about the truck or its owner.

A couple of photographs were taken of the truck, one was used by the LPD in their Facebook post, and the complaint was reopened pending further investigation.  Nothing happened on August 19th, however, early on the 20th, perhaps after noticing the picture of the truck on the Facebook post, Sergeant Mike Haveman of the LPD made a connection.  First, he noticed that it had been a double for a truck he had seen parked behind a house on Dexter Street.  Second, he noticed the truck had likely once been a truck owned by the City of Ludington due to the make and color. 

Nicholas Wroble lived at the Dexter house, and Haveman was able to determine that the truck had been sold to Wroble (or perhaps his dad who worked as a crew leader for the City's motor pool):


Sergeant Haveman then called the 16 y.o. to see whether he could get a better description of the man of interest, and he was able to get the additional information that he had been wearing glasses and was likely in his 30s.  This was a great match for Nick Wroble, who has made a prior name for himself by engaging in home invasions throughout the city, reportedly to support his bad habits.  

In between his incarcerations in 2017 and 2019, he made a name for himself throughout the state by leaving the Mason County Jail shirtless on a cold February day.  According to his sentencing in October 2019, the minimum sentence he had for the home invasion and probation violation charges was 36 months (3 years).  Not even one year later, he appears to be running free as a bird and having a new hobby of bird-watching.  

Sergeant Haveman went to Wroble's house and asked him about the incidents, after contacting Wroble's parole officer and finding out that he had a beard when the officer saw him the previous day.  Wroble readily admitted he was the guy they were interested in, and gave his own version of events.  Even Wroble's mother, who was also present, had a hard time believing it:  

Sgt. Haveman did a commendable job in this investigation, and although no crime has been committed, and absolutely none of his probation terms have been violated, there should be a general concern for the behavior and evasions Nick Wroble had shown on the two days, especially considering his admitted unhealthy drug addictions and the home invasions that he should be still serving at least two more years for. 

It's unfortunate that the media and police only provided so much, not even mentioning the second (and more troubling) brush with the minor child, half his age, who apparently shown no interest in him.  But now you have the rest of the story.

Have you been given an incomplete story by the local media, local governments, or the local police?  Let us know about it, and we'll try to find out the 'rest of the story' for you if it interests us as much as it does you.  Just send me a private message here or at our Facebook presence, the Ludington Pitchfork (I am Xavier Luft).  

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This is troubling on the fronts you mention; truth in sentencing should have the correction agency (state or local) release freely to media the alterations of a sentence of those who commit crimes against another.  I wonder if those people who had the sanctity of their house invaded by Mr. Wroble figured they would be safe from a reoccurrence for at least three more years when they read the original sentencing, and find out that he's back on the street and acting strange.

Somebody who is a repeat offender with home invasion and trespassing seems to be a person that has very little concern for the property and rights of others, even if it may be another's body being violated rather than their property.  Charging someone with a 'thought crime' is not where we want to go, but it would be prudent to remain vigilant for someone matching Wroble's description casing your property or vulnerable females.

Just wondering what happened to the "concurrent 18 months bootcamp" as suggested in the above article?  Is our local judge too familiar in the leniency in this city-familial case?  Does not Sniegowski's husband also work for the city  and being that Wroble's father worked for the same motor pool, would there not be  a familiarity which perhaps should have called for a judge recusal on that case?  Maybe Sniegowski did not know him, but by the statement in the article "... it is nice you have family here" in her sentencing, soundslike she perhaps was a bit close to the situation.  Even Nicolas Wroble was crying for drug rehab, ".. I was looking for help but my addiction came faster."  He should still bein drug bootcamp  imo.  And maybe he should now be in sexual stalking rehab?  Let's hope he gets help.  Thanks for the rest of the story, X.

Thanks for mentioning the Wroble-Sniegowski link, Freedom Seeker, both are/were crew leaders of the City government in the motor pool and DPW respectively and are at least used to working with each other.  The sentencing seems to follow the proper guidelines, but Judge Sniegowski's sentencing has notably been ignored in the past (remember the James Walkley incident?) with the result that two potentially dangerous criminals were put out on the street years before their sentence pointed that way. 

Unfortunately, the correctional system is free to do pretty much whatever it pleases after that sentence is imposed, and the process has been definitely unclear in these two cases, or in another series of 51st Circuit Court cases involving cop-killer Eric Knysz and Judge Mark Wickens.  Knysz had a lengthy rap sheet before he killed Trooper Paul Butterfield, but Wickens (notoriously tough on most crime) always went easy on him, likely because Knysz's father was a distinguished retired local cop.  There's nothing that encourages recidivism more than giving a chronic lawbreaker too many breaks.

That article says that Sniegowski recommended "SAI bootcamp" but that the decision is up to the DOC. Wonder what happened ?

It almost sounds like you want even more of the 'rest of the story'.

Well done X. With mother Wroble and her offspring back in the news the title of this article could be, the continuation of the "rest of the story", because I don't think this will be the last we hear about this 30 year old teenager and his complicit mother. The scam they tried to pull when he was released from jail speaks volumes about this family.

Sea Bee are you referring to the planned recording of Wroble captured by his mother while he was released from jail, intentionally shirtless and shoe-less, then making a complaint about how her baby was mistreated by the police, or are you referring to his breaking into a house and terrorizing the occupants or are you referring to this 30 year old man stalking minor girls and scaring them enough for them to call 911. You must be a friend of the family and looking at this with blinders on. Twice now he and his mother have made the news. Is that because I'm ignorant or you're  just to stupid to recognize trouble and refuse to acknowledge there is something seriously wrong here. 

I agree, one could say it's the rest of the chapter, for Nick still has plenty of time to either screw up more or miraculously recover and reshape his life for the better of himself and society.  I would still not characterize the jail incident as a planned scam, but even if it was, it did bring about a better policy at the jail which is a good thing.  

It appears that Sea Bee has buzzed away from the forum. I would have liked to have read his/her answer to my post but Sea Bee decided to run for cover instead of arguing his/her point. I don't know the Wroble family but from what has been revealed I would not want them for neighbors. 

This sounds all too suspicious. It looks like either he was casing the place. Or he is starting the habits of a sex offender. Either way, I will keep an eye out for anything that doesn't look right. We already have a lot of sex offenders in this town and to me, it sounds like he is either casing for a new job pull or he is becoming a sex offender. Just my thoughts on this.

This was what another person noticed at a local jail app, Wroble jailed for something the night after our original article.  Unfortunately, I haven't been resourceful enough to find out why just yet.  Appreciate anybody in the know helping us figure that out-- I hope it is not for continuing the harassment of this minor or another one.


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