No matter what your politics are this should wake you up to what is happening to our financial future and pending doom.

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Compare our U.S. National Debt to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product and if that doesn't wake you up then nothing will. It means we owe more than we produce. Things have got to change.

For those who are interested.

As long as the people are suckered into the big government policies of the Democrats and mainstream Republicans, that clock will continue to increase, and increase quicker.

Absolutely X.  I would recommend that everyone check out Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party.

I am an independent and have voted Libertation many times but voting for anyone other than Romney will split the conservative vote and will enable the reelection of Obama. If Romney fails to stick by his promises then I will do everything in my power to help a viable 3rd party candidate the next time around. Not only is this a fork in the road for Obama and the Democrats it's also a fork in the road for the Republican Party. If something positive is not forthcoming then I predict a mass exodus of Republican supporters to other political parties.


If this were any other election then your diagram makes sense but this is no ordinary election. In Obama, we have a true anti-American who is Hell bent on trashing the Constitution, free enterprise, Americas medical system and our influence around the World, instituting radical distribution of wealth programs, choking oil production, stifling coal production, bankrupting our economy with massive increases in debt, granting amnesty to illegals, raising taxes beyond reason, passing and implementing Obama care, a friend to the Muslim Brotherhood who now have access to the highest levels of our Government, turning a back to Israel, apologizing for America, his past and current links to radicals, Communists and Marxist extremists ect. ect. The list goes on and on. We all have to use our heads regarding this election cycle. Voting for anyone but Romney will only help keep Obama in power.

A second term for Obama will spell disaster as he doesn't even have to worry about being re-elected again.  Unless a national Comitttee for a Stronger America starts a petition to add a new amendment to the Constitution raising presidential term limits up to five terms. 

That may sound silly and fanciful, but if Obama gets re-elected something like that may be pushed for in a few years.  I will likely utilize Willy's reasoning-- for this election-- but I hope to see some more positive advances to the 'freedom wing' of the party, rather than to the mainstream conservatives.  As Michigan could be a toss up, I will probably go against my desires, and pull the lever for Romney more as a negative-O vote.

Now that Obama is a Lame Duck President he can do anything he wants. He passed the "dream act" without congress. His next four years will be out of control. If you think the first for were bad. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Unfortunately, I believe you couldn't be more accurate. It sickens me to see where this country is heading.

I have confidence that it will stop increasing soon enough. It will stop increasing when it implodes upon itself.

This is a clever way to illustrate the rising national debt of previous Presidents compared to Obama's reckless spending.


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