What's up with the City not picking up leafs this year?

50% of the trees still held their leafs when the last pick up was made. About 2 weeks ago.

Is this some kind of John Shay austerity program to save money?

Is he waiting for the first real snow so the City can plow the leafs back back into residents yards?

What kind of crap is this?

No use complaining to your City Counselor. They have deaf ears and are blind to issues like this.

And in any event doesn't the responsibility rest solely with City Manager John Shay?

Time to get Snowflake Shay to move his ass and order the leafs removed. 

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Somebody's paying attention, shinblind.  Less than two hours after you posted this I seen the city DPW cleaning up yard waste on Pine Street.  This is the first time I have seen them active this year in that pursuit, and as you say, the streets have been littered with leaves over the last couple of weeks.

They have been working on the north side of the ave. for a couple weeks that I know of. They were sucking up the leave on the ave. on wednesday or thursday.

That's good, because in the south of town, I had been driving through some leaf piles on the side of the street for over a week, until yesterday.


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