Ning has broadcast to all NING sites that they are no longer going to offer the NING platform for free.  Here's their introductory paragraph:



In July, we will roll-out three new pricing plans and begin phasing out our free service. Many of you chose the Ning Platform to build your communities because it’s the easiest to use, has the most reliable performance and easily scales to hundreds of thousands of members. Our shift to a paid service model will enable us to focus to a greater degree on enhancing the features, performance and services we offer to our paying Network Creators. You’ll immediately see greater control over your network branding, design and member experience. All three plans offer an incredible value relative to our current premium services offerings.


We at the Torch love free things, whether it be free people, free will, free speech, or a free forum to exchange our ideas and images.  The plans for sites who wish to continue existing after July, come in monthly fees of $3, $20, or $50.  We would lose some of our favorite features if we choose the $3 pack, and gain some more features if we 'upgrade' to a $20 pack. 


About Ning - Pricing Plans.mht


We have a couple of months to make a decision on what to do.  We could choose one of the plans, find a NING alternative which can save our content and features cheaper, or consider shutting down.  If we 'purchase' the $20 plan, we could even consider to "consolidate" with other existing NING sites like Dave's, Sheila's, Coco's, etc.  Any thoughts on what would be best to do?

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I agree, the cheap one does lose some of the better features. If you find a good alternative for CSB, let me know, and if you do dive off the NING platform, let us know.
Probably simplest to get a payer subscription thread going to see how many members would be able to send X a $5 or $10 check. If 40 members pd. $6 ea, that would cover it. Likewise 20 members paying $12 each. I would sign up for either price, likely not though if only 4 members signed up for $60 each. NIng, give ya a free taste, then take it away with a catch later for money, everyone's got their hand out these days for $$$$$$$$$$. Pitiful.
One thing about a payer subscription could be that it would decrease those who use different aliases and cause trouble.
Not unless X charged each new member a fee to join. Previously, he said members would not be charged directly.
Right now I understood any option is out there including the option of starting a new site.
We had an ad up on LT they(LDN) charged 75/month. I only did a couple of months and didn't get anybody who came in saying they saw it so I stopped.
Generally speaking, when I or you go on the computer, if we are looking to buy something, we go to that website/google word. If not, I get upset when I see ads., spam, and popups, and will intentionally ignore them to the best of my ability, and cancel them every chance I get. Could care less what some telemarketer wants to sell, no matter how good the deal appears, it's crooks, or nothing of interest. That Ning would pull this now, shouldn't be a surprise, it's in the deck of telemarketing cards we deal with everyday we wake up, sadly, and with remorse, I don't like being pestered to spend money I don't have all the waking hours of the day. The idea is to keep hammering away and finally get weak people to give in to the curiosity.

Thank you for loving me so much you feel you must attack me even when I do not say anything more than to offer or agree with options.

Ive received personal messages to stay and not let your attacks bother me. You do need to find something else to do besides follow me around to different sites.

I am poor financially, I have my hands full with maintaining property, home, church activities, family member at risk for heart attack or stroke at any time plus is awaiting heart surgery next week. I have husband I can not leave alone for very long. I've been ill for 2 weeks, a son deployed overseas, family affected by the flooding in Nashville who lost their home and everything they own. Oh did I say I'm a baby boomer too? Not quite old enough for Medicare and Social security, but almost there.

BUT I still serve and help others even as I go through sadness, death of loved ones and heartache. I still serve others on those days I can hardly move due to extreme arthritis pain.

Your only amusement in life seems to be to stalk this old almost invalid lady and attack her through junior high playground behavior.

Bluntly put...GROW UP and get real.
Darn right I'm a cheapskate-- this is meant to be a free site, in all ways. But notice the alternatives I have mentioned have not included having members pay a penny more than free.

I want cheapskates to be members of the Torch;, they often have the best ideas.
Cheapskates come in rich, middle class, and poor flavors-- many rich folks I know are skinflints, many poor folks are spendthrifts, and vice versa.

I took no offense, Disarm, I consider being labeled a cheapskate a compliment, and am similarly complimented by friends and family frequently.

Before paying an extra $200/year of my hard-earned money, I want to explore all the cheaper options before I consent to it. I swear, I shant go PBS on you all:

Why don't we just start a thread of current/new subscribers to The Ludington Torch, and see how many want to sign up for the next 30 days or so. Add the fact that the more whom sign up, the less cost per individual the ning site will be for all of us. I'll bet about 15 to 20 members will agree to sign up within a 10 day period. Upon the renewal contract next July 2011, offer the same pp for renewal plus any new free members that joined to come aboard. Since I added a bunch of new music to my page, if that is an extra, I would pay that extra if need be. Or just go for the premium package so all get the benefits of a real nice site. JMO P.S. I know what you mean X about cheapskates coming in all flavors and sizes. Some of the worst tippers and spenders out there are the ones with 6 figure incomes, go figure.
I like this forum but I'm not willing to pay to use it.


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