in this picture it seems someone forgot we have an upper peninsula , they must think we should just give it to wisconsin. this is on the west facing wall of the old napa building

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In answer to your question, the "Love Ludington" logo with the upper part of the state conveniently missing (no doubt so as to not confuse all those people from Escanaba whose own Ludington Avenue is their main street), is from "The Design Duck".  That company is the brainchild of Jen (Mladucky) Tooman, a former member of the Ludington Torch, and member of the Ludington Dog Park Committee, a group that has quietly disappeared off the map since they built the dog park in Cartier Park and gave it to the City Government to maintain.

I could be wrong, but the last time I went to Escanaba, there was a Ludington Street, not Avenue, and a Ludington Hotel, or aka, House of Ludington. The family of Ludington helped establish Escanaba in the late 1800's with money and landmarks yet seen today. The Hotel Ludington was not only a landmark hotel, but also an eatery of fine dining. The yoopers have often tried to annex themselves from the state of Michigan, but have yet been unsuccessful. Most citizens of the country don't even know about the UP in Michigan, having never learned, nor been 

I stand corrected on the avenue-street distinction. 

IF you liked history, or still do, it's a prime spot for integrating with the locals, and all their lore. And quite the eatery for sure, tasty to be sure! The people I met were quite the real people of the town! Not fake politicians, but just locals that loved the place. 

Michigan gave up the Toledo Ohio area in exchange for the U.P. I think it was called the Toledo War. It was a good trade to be sure.


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