In another thread I posted this, and I may elaborate later but its enough for now.

And be warned, if this thread goes in the direction of some of the other ones I will delete offending posts and send a warning to the poster or lock the thread.

This thread is for me and my opinion, you can disagree but don't be a d-bag. Anyone else is welcome to start their own thread.

I will be voting for Jeff over Kim.

I know them both about equally and have never had a bad experience with either. I was really torn in the beginning about who to vote for, but then the politiking commenced.

Kim could have had me if he had not took his cruiser and leaped off a cliff into a canyon of internal dept. issues.

All the nit-picking really made me look at Kim as someone who should have informed his superior officer of said complaints and worked with the sheriff and the union to iron them out. Instead he chose to take a bunch of internal dept. issues and use them to attempt to win an election.

I am so sick of this type of politiking nationwide that Kim will not get my vote. We see this in the state and fed campaigns and especially POTUS campaigns. Then we see what those politicians do when they get in office and it is nothing good. So as much as I like Kim as a person I am disgusted with the way he went about trying to get elected Sheriff.

Had he run on a platform of things he could do better and why, without airing every gripe to the public he may have got my vote.

I will vote for Jeff because he is the "strong silent type" and those are the ones who really are stronger nearly every time, Jeff did not feel the need to try to destroy Kims character. As sheriff he has access to every grievance ever filed on Kim and could have showed us a dirty pile of Kim's laundry I am sure, but he choose to run a clean campaign free of personal attacks and that is why he gets my vote. I think Jeff has great character and backbone to take all of Kims barbs without throwing any of his own and that is another reason Jeff will get my vote.

Looking at what each man did during this campaign I will vote for Jeff, he is the man I would want to have my back if I ever needed someone (a sheriff) to turn to.

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Yes, aqua that is my point, the backbiting is a horrible thing and since both men are rather equal I have to use the campaign styles as a possibility of what the future may hold.

I am aware that the case settled for $7500, but the point I was trying to make is there is no judgement against Kim Cole. $7500 is laughable. Schilling's lawyer probably made more than that for his services. Cops are just like anyone else. If Mr. Schilling would have cooperated and kept his remarks to himself, it may have not went down the way it did. That's why I was never a cop. Kim Cole went easy on Schilling compared to what many people may do. I had a step-son who was in trouble with the law, so I can relate to Mr. Schilling. I would never be a smart ass with the cops who are doing their job.

I got clocked doing 85 in a 65mph a few years ago. I called the cop sir and treated him with respect. I got away with a warning. The way you treat the cop makes all the difference in the world. It's just common sense. Like I said, they are no different than us.

Brian, you never cease to amaze me with your excellent quality spin-doctor statements. They just don't ring true for me, and neither should they for others here. A COP is a lot different than the rest of us in professional ways and angles in life. They see what many of us don't see, their eyes have seen what many would puke at, or just cry, so don't tell me they are on equal terms when it comes to conduct, temperament, actions, and having hearts like Lions, (no not the NFL guys). Sometimes they have to be affirmative and courageous, other times subdued and cautious. Your speeding ticket was just a glimpse of what a nice cop should be, personally, I think you were flagrantly over 20mph in guilt, and perhaps risking others lives, at your own whim, and jollies. Since you didn't kill anyone this time, I guess it's ok? And so is the Cop that let it slide? You decide. The BEST COPS enforce the law for all, not just the polite and cordial passerby that has charm.

You are holding law enforcement to a higher standard than yourself. Maybe they are. The cop who pulled me over made a good call. If he would have given me a ticket, I may have been upset, even though it was deserved. I did not get a ticket and I have watched my speed every since. Probably 90 % of the people on the road speed. You are a very real exception of the rule if you have never driven over the speed limit. I'm not spinning anything here. I'm living in reality. It is sad to say that people have children that assault cops and do drugs. Cops are still human. Cole and the detectives knew a wanted felon was at a certain location, and were stopping all traffic. By saying that he had not seen his son, Schilling was making a false statement to an officer of the law about a wanted felon. The fact that the guy held a former political office does not put him above the rest of us. Politicians can go to jail too.

The point being is that Kim Cole was not found to have done anything wrong. I have said nothing to hurt anyone. I have not called any names like some people on here. To say I have no self worth is uncalled for. The amount of a settlement in or out of court tells a lot. I am debating the facts.

Good bye to all. I am leaving this forum. It's been fun. Don't forget to vote for Kim Cole for Sheriff.


Well, Kim Cole said yesterday's post on his website was going to be his final post until after the election is over.  And there was a new post there today this morning.  But maybe this one doesn't count-- after all, site administrator Brandon Martinez is once again speaking as if he is Kim Cole.  Thanks for the fun, guys; win or lose, I hope you don't take it personally. 

As I have said in other postings, I completely agree with "When's" assessment of the differences in campaign strategies used by the candidates for Sheriff. That will determine who I will be supporting because in my opinion both men are highly qualified for the top cop job in the County. It's to bad one of them has taken the low road and decided to rake up mud and I think that will be his downfall. in my opinion he must have received some bad advice from those he trusts on how to run his campaign.

Brian stayed on this forum till the wee hours today, and was back in stride again by 6:20am again, still pounding the same repeated Parrot messages, anyone think he may have had an agenda? And who paid for his jollies and gestures of hatred and confusion? The Teamsters? Who's the Real Minion here?  I guess we won't find out soon, but, he steadfastly took his toy mouthpiece home to cry it out for today, fine example of defending Coleslaw, NOT!

This thread is now irrelevant and plus everyone is way off topic. Locked.


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