I could not resist the header of the post I made in LT this evening. But the elitist attitude of liberals has defiantly been on display the past few days in the news

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What's up Guido? What post? Thanks. Ok, I went over der to see, it's not 1993 now, but, I do agree with the sentiment, and of course the header, but, will Andy K? Maybe not? I'd suggest retract, and bring up something more current now, at least not that old. JMO
I thought this was relevant as the woman they are talking about in this post was the one who shot 4 fellow collage proffs this week presumably because they did not giver her Ten year. IE the collage shooting this week.
Maybe I should have clarified the woman accused of murdering 4 co workers this past week was also a suspect of both a bombing plot as well as a shooting of her brother.????
Ok, why didn't you post that too? It's very relevant to today, if somethone in your story did something this week. Btw, tenure is tenure, and I personally don't believe in it for college profs. not now, not way back when I went there to CMU either. They can use it to their own advantage, if so desired. And some very well do, to no end. JMO
It is a little confusing Guido, but our broth-ers at the soup will more than likely make complaints about your partisanship to the liberal-friendly Shoreline Media rather than discuss it and risk the wisdom of Max, Edie, Neptune, Dave, friendly Talks natives, and yoursel trumping them once again.


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