1. Diversify your social media feeds to include minority voices
2. Learn about the Northern Michigan Anti-Racism Task Force
3. Attend a local demonstration
4. Join a Black Lives Matter Chapter
5. Donate to and/or get involved with the NAACP or the ACLU
6. Get involved with the Innocence Project
7. Read about racism and racial injustice
8. Engage in anti-racism work
9. Start or sign a petition
10. Register to Vote

Excerpts from a recent letter sent by Leland Public Schools Superintendent Stephanie Long.

Guess supporting BLM is ok while supporting Trump in a tweet gets you shitcanned.



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Well said Lake Lady

The video I posted on the forum several days ago blends right in with this topic. Regarding the Leland Superintendent, she should be fired ASAP and the school board should be recalled ASAP. If not, then the taxpayers and parents of Leland will be up to their necks in Leftist radicals running their schools. Honestly folks, it's time to stand up. And make no mistake the Marxist ideology is alive and well in Mason County. We've seen that ever since the Master plans for the different municipalities were revised several years ago with the outside help from the Agenda 21 crowd. The Agenda 21 crowd has their hands in all sorts of radical events that will cause upheaval throughout the World. When they came to town in the form of ICLEI, to help frame Ludington's Master plan, their intentions were not to help but to influence and steer our local leaders to the left. This has happened all over the State and Country. ICLEI is an international organization promoting all of the radical leftist ideals and are funded by some very powerful companies and foundations.

The influence of the Resilient Ludington initiatives are going to be revisited in a resolution at tomorrow's city council meeting.  Looking at the agenda packet you will notice two issues coming from the Finance Committee, involving two resolutions.  One (p. 37-8) showing the COL's support of federal stimulus investments into coastal Great Lakes areas-- of course, because we would get that "free money", but climate change is given credit for speeding up 100 year storms by a factor of 5, and as a major reason we have high waters.  The authors of RL are the same jokers who were telling us back in 2013 that low lake levels were due to global warming aka climate change:

The second is a resolution supporting our governor's face coverings executive order and defining the COL's approach.  If you feel the need to cover your face in the hope of minimizing exposure to COVID-19 for you (and others if you believe that asymptomatic transmission is possible), then go ahead, but don't make me wear one when the science says the opposite.  Let's not forget Dr. Fauci and his CDC cronies were saying no masks all the way while the death curve trended upwards during the first 30 days.  There has still been no science over the last few months that would tend to disprove the orthodox view held by the CDC and WHO before this March, who relied on past studies that shown no benefit to healthy people wearing face coverings out in the community for viruses like this.  The policy on p. 31-32, does not even allow for any of the several exemptions found in that order, and so if you ever do find law enforcement being applied to you by the LPD or by area businesses, for that matter, let me know so we can talk about your rights in this pandemic.

I have been contemplating that concept "what will the city council do when they tax the hardworking residents out of the city"? Or when they "code" them out? Not that I'm against certain standards, but the fear of a nazi-like council allowing unannounced fines upon a citizen with a $275 didn't-mow-your-lawn fine, for example, is "pure living in fear Ludington." I don't know if it's called socialism or nazismo or just crazy. And water and sewer rates rising up like crazy, while everyone at city hall get good raises including councilors and mayor while our streets are some of the most bumpy in West Michigan. Sewer stinks, water intake, Pfas in Dow wells, and pollution off scales in the PM Bayou not discussed. Those are the practical things that undone could make Ludington more livable. But somehow it seems the insider secrets are to bring in greater density of people to live off the government or tourist income to help the business downtown to solve the whole city's problems?

Wake up and learn and think about Real sustainability, by reducing the city debts and prepare for greater economic disaster, city council. Uncle Sam is near $25 trillion in debt (as of May 2020), State of Michigan is $3 billion in predicted deficit this year now (nearly 1/3 of annual budget). The big government handouts may dry up.

And what does our new city manager do about informing the council of the budget?  Go along with what has been in place to overspend on "sexy" city beautification and stick his head in the sand with the rest of the overspenders at city hall?

Thanks Lake Lady. I can't get that episode of Fox. Can you give a summary of the sellout of the mentality of the CC?


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