To anyone following my back and forth with Blind eye in LT tonight I am sorry... I really insanely lost my head with him when I should always consider the source. the larger point of some of the threads were lost with the stupid sparing back and forth with an obviously mindless partisan on the subject matter being discussed. If any of you were folks who's threads got stepped on by the blather I am sorry.

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You're human, Guido, as is Blind eye. Don't fret about it. Better to be passionate about your convictions than to have none at all.
You libelous son of a female dog you... lol

We all have our days, god knows i've had a few of my own over the years... i'm sure, or at least hope that Blink is looking back on last night in the same way that you are... that you both let things get a bit out of hand.
Yeah Either way I am at peace. You did note however Dis seems to be willing to move our forum over to the LT part this afternoon? I am not going to really concern myself too much with that as I did choose to post this in the open not closed portion of our site. ;)
eeegades I used a sideways smiling a haaattee those things!!!! ahhhhh
It seems the point that gets missed in that whole discussion is that it should be the biz owners right. After having read 1984 I can see things so much so going down that road.

But nobody will focus on the greater goal of keeping big bro out of our lives. They want to argue about semantics, or some other part of the post that is only filler to the main point of convo.

I do have to say guidy that you must only say what you mean in as few sentences as possible. Seems the messenger always gets shot over there.
Yeah that's a fact Sheila. They are far more interested in blasting the bringer of a view they don't care for than disputing facts or statistics. I do not always agree with XL and such in this forum either but we can except others points of view and even joke about the disputed points. I'd say all in all we are the more tolerant bunch of here than LT or the old soup er soap bunch combined. Blinky at least came out and told everybody who is is the other day anyway. He despises anyone with a conservative point of view. And dis is just well Dis. Take him or leave him... to think I used to defend his butt in TL for the longest time. Then he uses the fact he isn't officially out of our forum, to throw stones from the peanut gallery. Only goes to show no good deed goes unpunished. Neither forum sees it is themselves who are killing both of them off.
Always agreeing with me is not in the terms of service! My mind is pretty much set on the bicycle-stop sign debate here in Michigan, and governments operating within the parameters of their own laws and in an ethical manner, but beyond that I do have a good deal of flexibility.

I have softened some of my stances and have been swayed in my opinions by several people on this forum who express their opinion backed up with reason, facts, and even emotional appeals. As the new sub-heading says: "Where Everyone is Entitled to YOUR Opinion". That goes for everyone here. But please drive responsibly.

Reminds me that I recently took off on a plane ride with someone named POTUS. We couldn't agree on anything of substance (except that the policeman who stopped me on my bicycle after cruising through an empty intersection acted 'stupidly', LOL), but we still left the plane as friends.

Was that over prop 8 in Calif.? If not, I missed it again. Guido, the real blather over there and at the poop soup, is not you, it's Blindeye, PP, Tuebor and the other renegade ignoramous types that continue to spew hatred forever.
Naa Aqua I was referring to Ludington talks reference the smoking ban. blind I got real personal trying to disqualify any opinion I had on the subject claiming I was taking advantage of the very system I was complaining about. He wanted to take offense to the fact I am rated 100% disability with both V.A. and SS but yet hold a part time time job therefor paying both payroll and home property taxes. Hell he should be happy I am willing to make money, not just sit on my ass. and own a home therefor paying taxes. The fact is once you start drawing SS they make it very hard to ever leave it as the system isn't geared around someone rehabilitation of getting better so they can work. He even went so low as to refer to threads from a year or so back on both LT and the soap when I was briefly a member to somehow suggest I had gone bankrupt to further try to discredit my opinion. Facts are I never ended up going bankrupt but had considered it back then I had just gone through a divorce. Now in fact I am trying to purchase a home using my V.A. benefit so his uneducated shear hate filled posts may get expensive.
I would love to get on soup to see what's going on over there but I understand you have to register first before you can even see what topics they are discussing. Does anyone have the web adress for soup?
When I looked at the link the other day I could see right on the front page Nicole talking about all of us racists and light mention of some specific fallacious discussions pigeonholing all of us based on one or two questionable posts. Check your in box on your other thread RJ.
I noticed that Disarm's posts have disappeared over on LT.


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