To anyone following my back and forth with Blind eye in LT tonight I am sorry... I really insanely lost my head with him when I should always consider the source. the larger point of some of the threads were lost with the stupid sparing back and forth with an obviously mindless partisan on the subject matter being discussed. If any of you were folks who's threads got stepped on by the blather I am sorry.

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Shoot RJ add me as a friend so i can ship a link okay?? I didn't realize we were not already.
Dis goes through periods of inciting rhetoric then backing off and pretending no such thing occurred. Fortunately we all know how to copy screen shots.. so his bad behavior is forever immortalized?? Some of these folks are real jokes.
I verified that diagnosis about Disarm, RJE. Anybody have any idea whether he left voluntarily (as he has done here twice) or involuntarily, which is my usual forte over there. I agree with Guido's diagnosis also.
I guess I can see whether all of his threads are gone.. or just the one we danced on.
He's not listed as a member any more over there, but I doubt he was banned. He's too methodical to let that happen. He probably wants to see if he's missed, then he'll rejoin at some point. Or, maybe he's already reincarnated as someone else.
Reincarnation, very curious indeed! Take David R. Richardson as a prime example, aka Behr! More info. to come later after fishin is dun!
Disarm definitely needed a break, as he was just getting nasty in his "methodical" posts. His mommy probably discovered what he was doing, and made him leave. Now he can play with his Pokemon Cards more.

If you're looking in Disarm, we're missing you-- NOT.


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