Ancient Seven-Ski Inn Owner Took Down by Trespassing Troopers

An upstanding, venerable business owner wonders what Michigan State Police (MSP) were doing on a couple of lots he owned.  The 83 year old man gets taken down with force for allegedly not listening to commands, gets knocked unconscious and suffers broken bones, a broken nose, and road rash from the encounter. 

Here's the kicker:  the MSP are trying to charge this man with assaultive behavior, there is no internal investigation into the troopers' behavior, and this old beaten-up codger is hopeful that footage from his cameras will reveal his version of events which has him innocent of wrongdoing.  The Traverse City Record Eagle reports:

A Ticket, A Takedown

83-year-old man injured in scuffle with troopers

TRAVERSE CITY — Larry Dale Sevenski took calls from his Petoskey hospital room as he considered what his next days will entail.

Will he return to his Elmira home, or have to turn himself in to Antrim County's jail?

Sevenski, 83, could face a criminal charge after a March 17 altercation with a Michigan State Police trooper that left him hospitalized with a broken arm.

The incident began when troopers stopped Sevenski at the corner of Thumm Road and U.S. 131 in Antrim County, MSP Lt. Mark Harris said. He climbed out of his car and "aggressively" walked toward troopers' patrol car. He didn't listen when troopers told him to return to his car.

"At that point the subject became more assaultive in his behavior, and as a result was subdued and taken to the ground," Harris said. "And unfortunately that's where the injuries occurred to Mr. Sevenski."

The 83-year-old was left with a bloody nose, pain in his right arm, and a ticket for failing to signal, Harris said. Paramedics treated him at the scene and took him to McLaren Northern Michigan hospital in Petoskey.

Sevenski said he went unconscious during the incident and was left with an arm broken in two places. He balked at Harris' description of the late-night stop.

He said he drove from his tavern on March 17 because he wanted to talk to the troopers he heard were gathered at the lot he owns nearby.

"I wasn't assaultive," Sevenski said. "I'm almost 84 years old. Why would I try to take on an officer half my age? ... I know better than that."

Harris contended there are more variables to the story than Sevenski's age.

Troopers requested Antrim County Prosecutor James Rossiter authorize a resisting and obstructing charge against Sevenski — they dictated so on the ticket they wrote him on March 17, in which they indicated "driver will also be charged with R&O police officer as part of this incident."

Harris declined to describe Sevenski's behavior until Rossiter decides whether to charge him. Rossiter, through Antrim County legal secretary Debra Ho'on, said he was not available for comment.

There is no investigation into troopers' behavior during the stop.

"There is no evidence at this point of any wrongdoing," Harris said. "The troopers appeared to have acted within our policies, within the law."

Sevenski said trail cameras near his parking lot may shed more light on the incident.

"It might not be excessive to them but it sure was to me, or else I wouldn’t have ended up in the hospital."

This, if proven to have the MSP in the role of bad actors, and many other similar "Real Stories of the Michigan Highway Patrol" in the news of recent, should make you consider whether it is in our Michigander's best interests to have a police agency that polices itself (and does so badly) that has zero accountability and little knowledge (and often littler regard) for the local areas they patrol.  We elect county sheriffs, we have city and township council hold control over their police, but nobody oversees the MSP other than itself.

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MANO a' MANO   Trooper fears for his life.   

Trooper grabbed Gramps Sevenski first and attempted to turn him. Sevenski grabbed back, cocked his fist with his bad arm and...Death Stare? ...looked him in his eyes.

GLM  (Geezer's Lives Matter)

I like this coverage: 

"Sevenski's supporters migrated from the courtroom to the sunny courthouse lawn after the bindover. They discussed their past run-ins with authorities, deliberated the trooper's testimony and distributed pamphlets advertising a fundraiser to benefit Sevenski. Reporters from around the state milled through the crowd.

It all points to a growing base of northern Michiganders encouraging Sevenski — a long-time Antrim County resident and business owner — said Lois Curtis, a friend and customer.

"Have you seen the fireworks starting?" she asked. "It's going to get bigger.""

It reminds me of a domestic issue, where you see one party beaten up, near-powerless with broken bones and scarring, and the other party, much more powerful in size, strength and stature claiming that they felt threatened by the other, so beat them up, their brother backing up the story.  The difference here is that we know the powerful one already caused the injuries of the powerless party, but because of our conditioning, many of us are willing to accept that the one dealing the damage is the one that was the victim. 

Or are we that conditioned? 

United Announced will no longer use Police to Remove Passengers

United Airlines will no longer use Police to Remove Passengers.

Instead will be using Michigan State Police for Security Purposes.

Sorry I couldn't resist.

I appreciated the humor!  

Today is a snarky day for me...I even suggested via comment to a very large newspaper that bicycles come with "the mother of all bombs" in the event a motorist kills a cyclist...the driver of the vehicle is sure to die as well.  

Maybe today needs to be "we have had enough BS day."

Yup, it's a continuing scenario of malfunctions of police cameras on victims when they do wrong on any case nowadays. And it never gets investigated nor questioned by the courts, they also are in collusion imho when they don't pursue this kind of coverup.

Interesting how United Airlines is catching major heat and refunded everyone on that flight for their tickets (the man will likely have a huge retirement account when this is all said and done as well) yet Mr. Sevenski will be out thousands of dollars just because there was  no video.  Time to purchase Go-Pros that don't malfunction at every other convenient turn. 

Why isn't anyone suing the camera company for malfunctioning cameras?  You know they would if a cop suffered a broken arm etc.

I did not hear anyone say that Mr. Sevenski was ambushed and completely innocent of wrong doing.  The issue is "how much of a real threat did Mr. Sevenski pose to the police exactly?"  From what I have read both men knew one another.  This was not a random senior citizen, this was a known individual.

When you carry a hammer everything looks like a nail is the type of mentality I have seen.  I have yet to hear that the officer's said anything to de-esclate or respond in a reasonable manner to Mr. Sevenski's anger or frustration. 

I worked with developmentally disabled adults and some were elderly with dementia for years.   There were many times I had people become physically aggressive towards me, engage in property destruction and even threaten lives.  I have been punched, had my hair pulled, spit on and have come in contact with many bodily fluids of others.  Never once did I take anyone to the ground, harm anyone much less break their arms.  This is complete and total BS that the police do not use the path of least resistance first. 

I see this as being the same mentality as the passenger being dragged off the the United flight.  No one stops to think, they just respond with muscle.

We don't live in a military state where police can do what ever they want....they are accountable for their behavior as well.  It is a two way street and each party needs to be held accountable for their choice and behavior.


Everyone is an equal threat?  

Is that the mindset of law enforcement?

Maybe the troopers should remain in their squad cars until an armored vehicle backup is available.

Perhaps Officer Cornholio (Are you threatening me?) needs more training instead of this once size fits all mentality.

The trooper needs to take ownership to some pizz poor judgement. Maybe road patrol is more  than he can bear.

And it is a simple case. In case you were too busy spouting off to notice,in the photos Sevenski was wearing court assisted headphones during the proceedings. Now unless you are an even bigger idiot than you appear I doubt if he was listening to a Tiger's broadcast with them.

So one size don't fit all.  And trooper Cornholio best get some TP for his unclean hands.

Great reply, IHaveANotion. I can't recall how many times I have encountered combative and or incoherent seniors during the course of my life, but I haven't felt the recourse to do what these troopers admit to doing, and then thinking it was the right thing to do. 

And the story the authorities tell is far from believable.  Larry Sevenski is a mentally stable businessman, he wasn't drunk, he deals with troopers and police on a regular basis in his line of work, and I find it a stretch for him to have been posing the menacing threat that the troopers said he did.  When these troopers then try to charge the person they just assaulted with assault, that's when their credibility goes over the top.
It then goes into the realm of outer space talk when both troopers audio and video feeds malfunction on their dash cams and microphones-- at least until the encounter is over.  Sevenski's story is at least in the realm of reality, too bad his cameras in the area didn't catch the action. 

Deirdre needs to understand there is a big difference between a directive and a lawful directive of a police officer.  Just because you wear a badge, you don't gain the power to automatically take away other people's rights or assault them indiscriminately, particularly if they have done nothing criminal in the first place.  But welcome to the Ludington Torch, Deirdre, I hope you had a super Easter.

That is so true X.

It seems that every other week you face off against  a cabal of brain dead seniors. Seniors who gang up  to leer, hurl invectives, chortal and bounce up and down with glee at the thought that they might somehow be embarrassing you. Indeed if there wasn't a barrier physically separating  you from them, unrestrained, they would assault and pummel you with their FOIA denials. It is fortunate indeed that they are physically unable to scale this barrier.  

And I admire that unfettered in spite of themselves, you try to assist and teach this mob of combative and incoherent seniors.  While I personally don't believe it is possible to educate them {indeed it might be easier  to teach barnyard animals Newton's Laws or Einstein's Theory of Relativity} I applaud your efforts for trying.

Keep up the good fight X

Someday you might be able to influence the junior members of this herd assisting them into becoming actual productive useful member of society.

We can always hope. But for the mean spirited elders, they are beyond redemption.

Deirdre, do you have some kind of evidence to support the statements you made about Larry Sevenski? I didn't see you post any link or video. Per our Constitution, ALL are assumed Innocent Until PROVEN GUILTY! Ever hear of that? Your analysis is based on convoluted thinking and support for ALL PD's, whether they abuse their authority or not. It's a weak try, but I simply don't buy it, and neither does the majority of the public so far. Unless Sevenski is some kind of superman, which pictures say he isn't, chances are he couldn't overpower a 16 year old boy, let alone, a fully trained physically fit man with all kinds of arsenals on his belt to defend himself, like tear gas, baton, mace, taser, and a revolver, plus psychological training in how to defuse any given situation. Sevenski had no weapons at all per the police report either, and obviously, quite elderly. Officers need to respect elders, not try to kill them.

The only outrageous actions was from the trooper.
According to the testimony when Grandpa Sevenski exited his auto and didn't comply with the officer's request to return did the officer ask him, "Can you hear me ok? Do you understand what I am saying?"
The officer stated he grabbed, and pushed Sevenski between the autos and was attempting to turn him to frisk him when he grabbed back. Is frisking standing operating procedure for someone who exits their vehicle?
The trooper further states that Sevenski grabs and was cocking his right fist to strike him. That is to strike him with his bad arm. You know his arm that was partially immobilized from previous surgeries. Isn't this a bit dramatic?
The trooper also stated that Sevenski was eyeballing him and that the officer feared for his safety.
Doesn't this officer seem a bit high strung for this job. You know a Barney Fife type?
Does the officer receive any training in assessing threats? Or do they operate under the premise that everyone is a threat. What if the driver was 16? What if the driver was Mother Teresa?
Are all Michigan State Police officers that poorly trained? Lacking in judgement and situational awareness?
Did you notice the photo of Sevenski wearing headphones during the court proceedings? Did you or the officer ever consider that an 83 year old man might have hearing issues?
Perhaps the Captain from Cool Hand Luke said it best,"What we have here is...failure to communicate."


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