I see that the issue of Court House security was raised again at the County Commission meeting.

There is a need for this. A need to have a single entrance with a metal detector and an officer.

And another office roaming the premises.

"...employing up to eight part-time deputies and to equip them at $250,029 for the first year, followed by $173,752 the second year, $176,932 the third year and $180,170 the fourth year. Costs include salaries, taxes, liability insurance, equipment and uniform costs, training, and miscellaneous expenses."


Can Sheriff Cole explain how having to cover the expense of 8 part time officers is less costly than hiring 2 full time and one part time officer to fill this need?

Also in light of the recent school shooting in Florida where an officer who qualified for retirement refused to enter the school is choosing retired personal the best option?

And wouldn't this lead to more current sheriff deputies who qualify for retirement  taking retirement if they will have an opportunity for  an easy income source and insurance coverage?

And why would "Choom" Castonia  retired from the Ludington PD, not recuse himself from this discussion as a matter of conflict of interest?

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Nice, more millage for taxpayers to pay, and they really cited no emergency incidents that make this required. Just a lady interrupting a hearing when her husband's case was heard. And Cole wants to combine this millage with the extra 8 patrol cars he now wants with even more officers  being hired. I just don't see it, unless something very serious was repeating itself with security. Finance hearing at courthouse March 22nd, 9am. Bet they pass it or put it on the ballot this fall.

Court officials are already behind their own bunkers over 90% of the time, and yet our brave judges would have our county spend a quarter of a million for their own supplemental security, rather than put any security at our county's elementary schools.  I would hazard to guess that everybody currently working at the courthouse would be able to qualify for a concealed carry permit.  Spend a few thousand on guns, bullets, holsters and lessons, and have everyone wanting this security benefit who works at the courthouse (including our courageous judges) pack heat.  

The MCSO is stationed two blocks away from the courthouse, the LPD is stationed three blocks away, both agencies and the MSP regularly go to the courthouse with their hardware when it's courts are in session; only crazy people with a deathwish would do anything at the courthouse currently, so its security is not very high on my list to raise my taxes for.

Well said X, I totally agree. Bunch of Chicken Shits with their big ego's wide open.

Good points X. More money down the drain. Speaking of the Florida shooting, Imagine calling for the police and after waiting for hours the dispatcher calls back and says the officer will not be showing up because he/she called in while en-route to your house and decided to retire.

Shinblind, your curiously appropriate nickname for Commissioner Castonia you've used over the last months make the old WMOM sports team of Todd Hansen and him devolve into "Scoop and Choom" when you use their nicknames.  

Which, coincidentally, sounds like an excellent name for a future Scottville Medical Marijuana dispensary.

Thanks Willy and X for the incisive posts.


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