Do you pay any form of Taxes Mr. Rotta? Do you have a job that pays you a salary everyweek or two

Just wondering and for clarification.

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I'm Indigent (point, smirk).  I get $20 off FOIA because I'm indigent (point, smirk).  Thanks, Wanda, sleep it off.

Wanda, with all due respect, are you aware that X was put out of a lucrative Dow security guard and LFD firefighter position 2 years ago or so, due to the direct and strong influence of your Mayor, Jonnie Henderson? Do you not see the ethical and moral err of your fellow councilor, Holman, to do this to any person that enters the city hall to ask questions and be inquisitive of the nature of it's passage of ordinances and contractual dealings with voters' monies? Esp. since Holman has steadfastly stated that anyone that doesn't agree with the CC decisions, is always welcome to talk and comment on their activities, irregardless the importance. She strongly talks of freedom of speech, participating in government, attending CC mtgs., then when someone finally comes forward with any criticisms, FOIA requests, or other suggestions, like re-instating lifeguards, they are drowned out and buried in disgraceful conduct of attacks and pointed fingers to make their warped agenda points. Is that our "new definition" of democracy and fairness nowadays at the Ludington city hall? I just have to wonder.........sad, and infantile.


Since anyone can come on here and post under any name - I'm choosing not to believe this is Council woman Wanda. I was quite astonished when council woman Holman started her rant and multiple times mentioned a citizens (x') indigent status - which in my opinion was only meant to embarrass a citizen (very unprofessional). Like it or not when you are an elected official you need to take the high road. I certainly hope Ms Holmans rant was an isolated incident and that this is not really Wanda - because the citizens of Ludington deserve better out of their elected officials. Perfect example - I loved how the mayor handled the issue of the pictures.


Thanks for your calmness. I've cooled down and deleted my post because it wouldn't be fair or proper to spout off to Wanda if that wasn't her post. If this topic was started by an imposter, shame on you.

This was the same Wanda Marrison who joined the Ludington Torch early last year using what was then 'Councilor Wanda Marrison's' official E-mail address.  If you click the avatar for her, you can follow her posting history.  She sent a message to me earlier that night which has me under the belief that she's the real deal. 

Her current contact information, from the City of Ludington website is: 

Wanda Marrison
604 E Melendy
Phone: (231) 845-6744

That's me!

BTW if you want to trash me for being on the CC.

my personal email is

Being on the City Council can be a very noble purpose if you're in it for the right reasons, following your constitutional Oath of Office, and treating your fellow citizens with respect.  Please, nobody trash Ms. Marrison for being on the City Council; only for being on the City Council and not doing a good job in her public service.


There's no reason to trash anyone for being on the City Council and noone has done that. I believe Wanda is the only one who has stated such a scenario. As far as I'm concerned she should have requested the information she was seeking privately  by contacting you personally, not on a public forum. She therefore has demonstrated a total lack of common sense, sensitivity and decency. Not the attributes one would consider positive, especially someone who sits on the  Council. But then is anyone suprised at what flows from these peoples mouths / minds.


If you do, make it obvious you are sending it to at least 2 people in the sender line so there is evidence someone else has an original copy to provide in case people who are vindictive (as in this case) try convince a judge you threatened them.

Again, it is very easy for those who are waiting a change to get even for an imagined wrong to trump up things to make it look like the sender sent a "threatening" email.

That's find with me CC it  to anyone you want.


Are you in the top 1% X? Follow the Romney example and remain silent.

I'm in the top 1%, but it's not in wealth or common sense. 

On March 14, 2012 I submitted an Affidavit of Indigency wherein I swore that I qualified as being indigent for purposes of FOIA.  I wasn't aware it was the City's policy to broadcast this personal information when they had no reason to do so.  As the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, here's my Affidavit of Indigency:

Just for the record this was one month after Ludington City Manager John Shay swore in a court affidavit that the public records he included with the court brief was the complete FOIA response to my original FOIA request.  It wasn't even close.  That will be posted once the 51st Circuit Court and the City of Ludington quit delaying the final decision on this topic.


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