Do Epworth Heights residents pay property taxes?

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Yes, their local taxing jurisdiction is PM Township.  Here is a sample property tax search for an address within EH.

Here's the real question for me Izzy: how come most Epworth residents feel superior to locals, and also say they made Ludington what it is today, and that they are the true money power in Ludington all these years? Ask em! They'll tell ya. 

I apologize for the late response to your question Aquaman.

There is a snobbish element to certain Epworth residents and there is a ring of truth in their statement that they made Ludington what it is today. Let me explain.

Have you ever seen the old turn of the century postcards of a military base by Ludington? It was located in the vicinity of Lincoln Hills Golf Course before it was a golf course. The residents of Epworth didn't like this arrangement of these "unseemly" characters training so close to them. The newspaper archives from that era are filled with their grievances and complaints about these"military ruffians". Primarily because of the Epworth gripes the base was moved and ended up at Grayling. Yes, Camp Grayling, the Joint Maneuver and Cold Weather Training Center.

So instead of at most 2,000 residents from Epworth, we could have, instead, had  20,000 military visitors in the summer along with the additional business  that they would bring. And instead of the 90 day summer operation of Epworth, we could have had a military installation that is operational year around. Think about what the extra influx of cash would mean to this area. Think about the Federal Dollars we missed out on. Think about the inflow of cash in the winter to this area.

So you see in a way, the uppity residents of Epworth  did make Ludington what it is today. But that is not anything that they should be proud of.

If you are still here Izzy, I was curious about your question myself but didn't pursue it further at the time.(Last year) But while researching another topic your question again came up so things were pursued a little  further.

CODE 410 Residential Property on Leased Land.

The 200-250 houses in Epworth Heights are owned by a sole individual but they do not own the land under their structure hence the Code 410 designation.  As far as I could ascertain the land itself may be held by..." Epworth Heights (now Epworth Assembly)(that) was originally founded in 1894 as The Epworth League Training Assembly. Epworth began as a Methodist training camp on the shores of Lake"

The land value might be tax exempt from property tax under CODE 708 or CODE 709. (Exempt Religious or Exempt Non Profit Educational)  

So the owner of the structure pays property tax only on the value of the structure itself, not the land. There are pluses and minuses to this arrangement.  They might be responsible for paying an association fee, I believe that they pay the COL a yearly fee for providing fire protection for example.

Yes, they do pay the LFD for fire protection, the LFD used to (they may still) take a couple of fire trucks onto the premises one night every summer for what was usually a well-attended event for the community there.

Shinblind, could you link to your source or supply a file in support of it, I think you may be right about the arrangement.

Are you referencing the Code 410 designation X?

That, or other evidence that Epworthians are currently under that designation, or that the land at Epworth is owned by an association.  This could involve local library work.

Well according to the sample property tax search you referenced above it is listed as Code 410. I also ran across some current houses for sale in Epworth, they all had the 410 after the heading.

So unless things changed recently I would assume the land is owned by Epworth Assembly.

I do not know if Epworth Assembly has tax exempt status. If they do have tax exempt status then the property taxes would be based only on the value of the house not the land.

I also do not know what if any association fees they may charge for common areas. 

I would also assume that the value of the land in many cases exceeds the value of the structures on it.

As an aside whom owns the infrastructure in Epworth? Who is responsible for the water and sewer lines, the fire hydrants. I know they have some sort of cozy arrangement that water is billed from P.M. township but supplied directly from Ludington.

You can't own a place(land or house, not sure which) in Epworth, not sure but either the assoc owns the land or the house and if they dont like you then they can boot you out! Also from what I here the places are not sold on open market , you have to know someone to get in. Correct me if I'm wrong.

It is like this Jane, you can own the house in Epworth but not the land. 

The land is owned by Epworth Assembly, a tax exempt organization.

As I understand it they have approval over who buys a house.

The house can only be titled in a single name. They might be able to force a sale dependenent on the constricts of the covenant.

If you rent your house in Epworth, the renter must have 3 letters of recommendation from other owners. 

Since they have say over who can own a house, the market is restricted.

Their playground, their rules.

Does anyone know for certain if Vince Foster jr former Deputy White House Counsel to Bill Clinton owned a house or was a renter? And if Hillary Clinton was a visitor?

I heard the rumors.

I was up at Epworth once for a wedding party, the house was built on cedar post, nice location over looking Lake Michigan, Once how I seen how the structure was built I stayed off the deck where most of the guest were. But saying that the house probably was close to 75 years old or older and still standing.

So, what is now known to be true and factually on the tax rolls, is that Epworth members have long since used the Methodist religion to usurp and avoid property taxes on their lands. They DON'T PAY their fair share like the rest of Ludington and Pere Marquette property owners, and never will, unless that special tax-exempt status is nullified, or at least, challenged in court. Great contribution to the community, and to the Ludington residents that are paying more taxes than their share as a result of this status. Can it still be challenged? Are Epworth residents still abiding by their religious origins? And if so, why are they so special? Epworth people claim to be model citizens and very loving and charitable people. This sure is a very strange way to show their support for locals, when we are all being taxed beyond reasonableness as it is nowadays. 


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